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Pop Up Project

What is the Pop Up Project?

The Pop Up Project is where people produce and/or exhibit creative products and encourage creative entrepreneurialism in a town centre.

This scheme can transform an area, bringing more people, vibrancy and a positive reputation to local communities, as has been shown by the experience of similar programs in Newcastle, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, the City of Sydney and others.

Who benefits from this scheme?

The scheme provides many benefits for the whole community. In addition to making use of otherwise vacant space and giving an area a new vibrancy, it places those with an asset in touch with others who need that asset.

Assisting creative entrepreneurs to make use of this space on short-term (30 day) contracts is a win-win solution.

Why do it?

Creative industry:

  • Revitalises precincts 
  • Reduces vandalism and crime 
  • Provides a good use for unused space 
  • Lowers or eliminates some maintenance costs 
  • Leads to lower insurance costs 
  • Supports local creative entrepreneurs in their professional development 
  • Grows medium to long term value as active shopfronts, leading to increased traffic in the area and attracting new interest and investment 
  • Helps organisations meet their social corporate responsibility outcomes

What’s involved?

Council would facilitate the leasing of vacant buildings in the local area through a Licence Agreement. This would be a contract similar to those used for a mobile phone tower or billboard. The contract would be on a rolling 30-day basis with 30 days of notice required if the property owner wishes to terminate for any reason.

Either party can cancel with 30 days notice.

The City of Ryde:

  • Facilitates creative entrepreneurs and asset owners (relationship management) 

The asset owner:

  • Grants access and charges a nominal rent 
  • Conducts maintenance required to meet OH&S standards at the beginning

The creative entrepreneurs:

  • Takes care of shop fit-out and agrees to keep the space clean and presentable 
  • Pays all outgoings (such as water, gas and electricity) 
  • Provides public liability insurance

How are creative entrepreneurs chosen?

There will be a range of criteria including:

  • The creative entrepreneur’s space requirements 
  • Capacity of the space to enable the creative entrepreneur to move to the next level of their professional/artistic development 
  • The creative entrepreneur’s capacity to manage the level of uncertainty associated with a rolling 30 day lease 
  • The creative entrepreneur’s ability to maintain set hours of operation

Does the asset owner have a say in how the project operates?

Yes - the asset owner can be involved in the working group and will be consulted as required. A contact officer will be appointed to liaise between the asset owner and the creative entrepreneur.

What costs are involved?

The creative entrepreneur will pay all outgoings plus a negotiated nominal rent. Base building maintenance would be required by the business owner.

Last updated on 4 August 2015