2011 Garden Competition

A gallery of the entries in this year's competition (click on thumbnails for larger view):

Most Beautiful Garden - Small

Rae Roy - 1st Place
The initial impression is outstanding. A beautiful garden oasis, established thirty years ago and changing over the years as the family has changed. The garden planting reflects special moments in the family’s life. Everywhere one looks is a cameo of delight.

Margaret Wilson - 2nd Place
This cottage garden is in full sun and is twelve years old. Passers-by often stop to comment on the wonderful roses when they are in full bloom – Seduction and Iceberg. There are soft colours all year round – pink, purple and blue predominate. Beautifully maintained, clipped and mulched.

Marion Nichol - 3rd Place
No spray is used in this garden filled with colour. Lots of mulch keeps weeds down and persistent organic methods keep the bugs in check. As a shady cottage garden it is somewhat unusual. The dappled light plays upon the extensive collection of Salvias and more unusual plants such as Variegated May, White Forget-Me-Nots and Vanilla Ice Heliotrope.

Laurie Armfield - Highly Commended
Deceptively simple to the untrained eye, Laurie has worked hard on his new garden which is less than a year old. Gravel covered beds, Japanese Maples, buxus and clipped conifers form this small garden with a structured and Japanese theme.

Jane Corrigan - Highly Commended
This garden was inspired by the gardens and enthusiasm of two neighbours. Recently established and with a northerly aspect, the raised beds filled with vegetables and flowers do well. Decorative mulches keep weeds out and garden ornaments from friends add to the colour.

Jennifer Emmerson - Highly Commended
A newly established garden incorporating elements of the pre-existing garden; this has been something of a family project, with all chipping in to help. Plants have been well chosen for the aspect which is due west. Jennifer is still studying Landscape Design and has made a great start with the garden at home.

Doreen Rouse - Highly Commended
The outstanding feature of this small garden is colour, especially yellow and apricot. Despite the best efforts of the cockatoos, beautiful bulbs continue to flower. Pots of daffodils and tulips are sunken into the ground, crocus and ranunculus riot in blue, pink and red.

Andrew Aloe
Excellent maintenance keeps this garden well trimmed and presented. The garden features a small fish pond and night time lighting.

Mary Foster
This relatively new garden cascades down the embankment from the front of the house to the footpath below with colour and vibrancy. The whole family has contributed to the establishment of the garden and passers-by often stop to comment.

Adrienne Hick
This beautiful and wonderfully small garden wraps around the perimeter of a ground floor villa, with eastern, northern, western and southern aspects. The beds are filled with a variety of flowering plants all tied to underlying colour schemes.

Fiona James
Well mulched with an array of natives and annuals, cactus, succulents and orchids, this villa garden has it all.

Helen Milanoli
A well established garden which provides hours of enjoyment and includes a range of flowering exotics such as orchids, hibiscus, iris and roses. The all important vegetables and citrus also do well in this sunny garden.

Jacinta Phillips
Hidden away in the rear of the house, this garden is an oasis with a Balinese theme. A water feature with fish provides movement and night time lighting adds to the overall effect.

Pon Sabesan
Twenty different coloured bougainvilleas feature in this garden along with double hibiscus and a multitude of potted plants.  

Carol Wood
Enthusiasm and joy in being in the garden is evident here. Ornaments peek out from the wonderfully colourful planting.

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Most Beautiful Garden - Large

Rod Browne and John Hancock - Equal 1st Place
This is a cool welcoming English style woodland garden full of interest and mystery. The garden is set on a bank and uses its position to full advantage. It is filled with a myriad of superb plants and has been planned to have interest and colour through all seasons of the year; a cool haven and a plant lover’s paradise.

Gary Eaves - Equal 1st Place
This is a handsome garden with a distinctly European feel surrounded by hedges which provide privacy and shade as well as enclosing areas of intimacy and varied interest. Intelligent plant selection is used in different aspects and a sense of innovation and ingenuity makes this garden one of surprise and delight.

Angela Thomas - Equal 1st Place
This is an outstanding example of a Japanese garden at its very finest. It is well designed, taking into account aspect and aesthetics, consequently, the plants and spaces have been sculpted to the highest artistic degree. The dwarf mondo grass lawn spreading across the lower level is sensational.

A.R.Cotter - Highly Commended
A feijoa hedge along the foothpath leads down through echiums, rhaphiolepis and strelitzia nicholai into this garden of surprises and history. Established in 2007, it incorporates a flag pole and historic tiles along with original plantings such as the huge cypress and China pear tree.

Michelle Hillyer - Highly Commended
This is an established garden with strong cottage elements, vegetable beds and chooks. Elements of whimsy bring delight into this wonderful family garden.

George Karakaris - Highly Commended
This is a newly established garden that has been designed well and takes into consideration the requirements of the extended family. It incorporates a formal area for entertaining and flows seamlessly to the informal areas of vegetable garden and children’s play area.

Kathy Laus - Highly Commended
Well thought out and immaculately maintained, this garden is a peaceful refuge. Featuring a purple, pink and red colour scheme the garden comes into its own in summer.

June Byrnes 
This garden has previously won many prizes and is over 50 years old. It features a vivid display of colour along the front boundary and a large old pink flowering cherry in the rear garden.

Yvonne Hayes 
Only three years old, this garden features a beautiful wall of pelargoniums (geraniums) at the rear and well established diosma at the entry.

Amanda Wellings
Established photinia and viburnum hedging gives this garden privacy. Gardenias bring fragrance and an antique urn provides a focal point.

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Most Beautiful Courtyard or Balcony

Shirley Lynch - 1st Place
A burst of colour and delight to the eye, this mature little garden belies the attention to detail and hours of care. Well maintained and beautifully presented.

Joy Scott - Equal 2nd Place
The birds are frequent visitors to this garden filled with colour. Herbs, vegetables and flowers all jostle for attention in a sun drenched tiny garden.

Claudia Stamfel - Equal 2nd Place
A very new garden of balcony pots, this garden is well tended and attractively presented. Bright red pelargoniums (geraniums) compliment vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

Angel Yanto - Equal 2nd Place
The enthusiasm of the gardener is apparent in this small garden which is well maintained and colour co-ordinated featuring flowering bromileads, cliveas and ornaments.

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Best Edible Garden

Bernadette Douglas - 1st Place
This is a large and attractively designed edible garden which is built on reclaimed poor quality land. The energy and innovation expended in improving the soil in this garden has been quite remarkable. However, the rewards are now substantial; a beautiful edible garden with a huge variety of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

Deborah Alderton - Equal 2nd Place
This young garden is a fine example of Permaculture design at its best and is already producing edible crops. Drainage is directed so that water moves via swales, through garden beds and onto the fruit trees and associated plantings. Grey water is filtered through gravel and reed beds which then flow into ponds.

Carmelo Rafaelle - Equal 2nd Place
This well established edible garden ranges broadly to include the nature strip and is overflowing with fruit and nut trees and an abundance of vegetables. This is the edible garden of a very accomplished and knowledgeable gardener.

Alex Djerdjer - Highly Commended
Well maintained and abundant, this garden has been established for just one year, and features fruit trees along with vegetables and herbs.

Julie and Kim Jardine - Highly Commended
This small garden following Permaculture principles is well maintained and beautifully presented. Chooks and fish feature amongst the herbs, veggies and fruit trees.

Jimmy Shaw and Bernard Russell - Highly Commended
An abundant sun-filled garden featuring a wide variety of edible plants in a suburban setting with chooks roaming, extensive plant propagation and considered water reuse.

Macquarie University - Innovation Award
Previously a car park, this newly established Bush Tucker Garden provides not only a beautiful space in which to enjoy the out doors but is also a valuable educational resource with primarily local plants used by the Darug people.

Macquarie University Community Garden Club
Community members and students tend plots in this large Community Garden. Compost and horse manure, along with abundant rain have ensured plenty of verdant growth this year.

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Best Children’s Garden

The Grandchildren of Barbara Ford - 1st Place
Children from 4 to 11 years work on this enchanting garden. They dig, plant and play in the garden, arranging flowers and fairies, crystals and night time lights.

Sarah Yep - 2nd Place
A garden that was inspired by the childcare centre’s entry in the Garden Competition last year, this garden project includes flowers and herbs. The produce is picked and used in the kitchen, kitchen compost goes into the worm farm and worm wee fertilises the plants completing the cycle.

Ilankumaran Murugappan - 3rd Place
This bright and cheery garden is well cared for and has grown and changed over the past year with the inclusion of innovative and creative projects.

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Best School Garden

Kent Road Public School - 1st Place
All classes are regularly involved with the care of this beautiful and abundant garden. Projects include seed collection and propagation with plant sales funding garden projects. An orchard has been planted adjacent to the raised beds and shade house.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School - 2nd Place
Year two care for this garden along with the assistance of their teacher and Mr Jimmy Shaw. All children participate enthusiastically watering, planting, harvesting and weeding.

West Ryde Public School - 3rd Place
The Lunchtime Gardening Club, Compost Monitors, After School groups and 5th and 6th classes are all involved with this garden. Awareness of bio-diversity systems and propagation from cuttings and seeds all help to promote the success of the extensive garden beds.

Gladesville Public School
A committed parent group and children from various classes all spend time maintaining the gardens of the school. The Peace Garden is maturing and work in the vegetable garden is assisted by Mr Jimmy Shaw.

Ryde Public School
Children from various classes participate in garden maintenance on a regular basis in the beds around buildings and also the vegetable garden. They utilise compost bins and worm farms, planting and weeding with the assistance of teachers and Mr Jimmy Shaw.

Ryde Secondary School
The Special Education Class has established this vegetable garden with the assistance of their teacher and Mr Jimmy Shaw.

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Best Pre-School Garden

Gumnut Cottage - 1st Place
Beautifully presented and welcoming, this garden actively promotes the physical and mental health and well being of the children in the care of the Centre. The gardens encourage sensory interaction with abundant fragrance and texture and a variety of outdoor garden spaces.

Kids Cottage - 2nd Place
This garden features raised beds for children to grow vegetables and herbs as well areas of native shrubs and grasses for imaginative play spaces.

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Most Beautiful Commercial Garden

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium - 1st Place
This is an outstanding commercial garden which is beautifully designed, planted and maintained to the highest level. The garden includes mature plantings as well as newer additions. The formal elements are softened with flowering shrubs and deciduous trees.

Springfree Trampolines - 2nd Place
Just one year old, this garden has settled in well to a deceptively demanding site. Due to an inability to access depth of soil in addition to being a very exposed site, this challenging garden has been designed along the lines of a roof top garden. Plant species are well chosen and well maintained.

Calvary Retirement Community - 3rd Place 
Always beautifully presented and maintained to the highest standard, the communal areas as well as the resident’s own gardens are a springtime delight for the senses.

Curzon Hall
This large commercial garden is divided into function spaces with a range of plants and trees creating intimate spaces as well as broad expanses of lawn.

Marist College Eastwood
A school garden is always a challenge, especially with a large number of active boys. These gardens are well maintained and plants are chosen for hardiness. Extensive hedging is softened with clumps of flowering shrubs, cliveas and dietes.

Vimiera Retirement Village
White, purple and blue, form the main colour scheme of the gardens surrounding these villas, encouraging residents to venture into the garden. Actively maintained and beautifully presented, the enthusiasm of the staff shines through.

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Best Bushcare Site

Cemetery Creek - Equal 1st Place
An excellent site worked on consistently by very knowledgeable and experienced volunteers over a long period of time. High resilience and high diversity are evident as well as high habitat value.

Wallumatta Nature Reserve - Equal 1st Place
The volunteers on this site have employed a sound bush regeneration methodology and great strategy over a long period of time. They do no planting, relying entirely on regeneration. There is good structural mix and great resilience and diversity on the site.

Mars Creek - 2nd Place
Knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers use solid bush regeneration methodology on this site and results have been excellent to date. The habitat value is good as is the resilience and diversity.

Macquarie University - Innovation Award
This is a new site in a degraded remnant which has good potential. Using innovative strategies such as reworking drainage and reduction of mowing it has great potential.

Minga Reserve - Encouragement Award
This is a weedy, steep and difficult site making good progress. Resilience is evident and regeneration is also good in a considerable portion of the site.

Putney Park - Encouragement Award
Lots of natural regeneration occurs on this site which is part of a popular passive recreational park. Great resilience and diversity is evident as a result of knowledge, enthusiasm and innovative techniques.

Ryde Secondary College - Encouragement Award
A particularly challenging site regularly worked on by enthusiastic students and their teacher. Native plantings and understorey are evident and dumped rubbish is now much reduced.

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