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Due Dates and Payment Methods

When are rates due?

The 2015 - 2016 rate period commences 1 July 2015. You have the choice to either pay your rates by lump sum or by quarterly instalment. If you elect to pay a lump sum, the full amount is due by 31 August 2015. If you choose to pay your rates in four equal instalments, the payments are due on or before:

  • First instalment - 31 August 2015
  • Second instalment - 30 November 2015
  • Third instalment - 28 February 2016
  • Fourth instalment - 31 May 2016

How do I pay my rates?

There are several methods of payment available:

  1. Telephone
    By calling 1300 652 073 payments can be made by credit card. You will need to enter the Customer Reference Number shown on the front of your Rate Notice and your credit card details. (MasterCard and VISA only). Rates payments only. 
    Note: A merchant fee surcharge is applicable. 
  2. BPAY View® via internet banking 
    Contact your participating Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to make this payment directly from your savings, cheque or credit account. You will need to quote the Biller Code (5330) and the 7 digit Customer Reference Number shown on the front of your rate notice. Rates payments only. 
  3. Online by Credit Card - Before you begin, have your customer reference number and credit card ready.
  4. Payment through any bank 
    You do not need to hold an account with the bank. Complete the bank deposit slip at the bottom of the rate notice and take the full notice into any Bank, Credit Union or Building Society.  If paying at any institution other than Westpac a transfer fee may be applicable. 
  5. Australia Post 
    Please present your full Rate Notice intact to any post office. 
  6. Payment through the mail 
    Make cheques or money orders payable to the CITY OF RYDE and forward to: 
    City of Ryde
    Locked Bag 2069
    NORTH RYDE 1670
  7. Personal Payment to Council 
    Payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS or Credit Card (MasterCard, AMEX or VISA only). 
    Note: A merchant fee surcharge is applicable.
  8. City of Ryde Libraries
    Payment of rates (except cash) can now be made at any City of Ryde Libraries. Pay by cheque, money order, MasterCard or Visa (merchant fees apply). 

How can I receive my rates?

Rates notices can be received:

Change my mailing address

If you are a property owner you can request to change your mailing address for your rates notice. Send in a request by completing and submitting an:

**Please note, you cannot complete an online form if you are a business. 

In order for the change to take effect, you will need to submit a form more than 5 business days prior to the posting date of your next rates notice. If this is not the case, the change may not take effect until after that notice is sent. 

Last updated on 30 March 2017