West Ryde Town Centre

West Ryde is located on Victoria Road close to Eastwood and Ryde Town Centres. It is located equi-distant from Sydney CBD, Chatswood and Parramatta. Access to the town centre is primarily via:

  • Rail (CityRail Northern Line)
  • Road (Victoria Road)
  • Bus (with the town centre containing a critical bus interchange and the strategic bus priority corridor of Victoria Road).


A New Identity
Create a new identity for the West Ryde Town Centre as an important place along Victoria Road. The master plan has potential to create a new and attractive character for the West Ryde Town Centre that will build on the existing distinctive characters of the Ryedale Road, Victoria Road and the Town Core Precincts. Employment and retail land uses will be encouraged and supported through strategic planning and public domain improvements.

Key Public Domain Improvements
Public domain improvements will focus on creating pedestrian priority environments as well as increasing permeability and pedestrian accessibility. New public spaces with high quality paving seating, lighting and public art will enhance the identity of the retail core and the shopping experience.

Existing open spaces will be enhanced and “green links” developed offering increased amenity to surrounding residential development.

Strategic Land Use Planning
Future development and increased densities will be focused on the eastern side of the centre along Ryedale Road, surrounding Anzac Park and along Victoria Road. Employment uses will be protected and enhanced.

Plans & Studies

West Ryde Public Domain Manual (PDF 4.2 MB)  
Guide for the future planning and design of West Ryde Town Centre.

Centre and Corridor Study 2010 – Section 2.6 West Ryde (PDF 9.8 MB)
Managing Growth in the City of Ryde.

Page Last Updated: 21 March 2014

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