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Access Zinio

Read hundreds of popular Australian and International magazines.

Zinio - the world's largest newsstand is now available through your library's website

What you need 

Before you start using Zinio eMagazines you will need:

  • A computer or a mobile device
  • A City of Ryde library card
  • A Zinio account

How to register for the Library Zinio collection 

  • Connect to the library's Zinio page using your browser (IE9, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox).
  • Click the Create Account button (located on the top right of the page).
  • Enter your library card number, click Validate.
  • Enter your email address/password/name (name is optional).
  • Click Create Account (a validation email is sent to your nominated email account).
  • Check your email account for an email from RB Digital Portal.

How to select magazines and create your Zinio account

  • Connect to the library's Zinio page using your browser.
  • Log in with your email address and password.
  • Click the cover of an eMagazine to place it in your Zinio account. Zinio will ask you to ‘Complete Checkout’. 
  • A new window opens asking you to create a Zinio account. If it is the first time you have used Zinio, create a new account (this is separate to your Library collection Zinio account but can have the same email and password). If you already have a Zinio account click Sign in here and sign in to your account.
  • The eMagazine/s you selected will be in your Zinio account. Click on the cover image to start reading.

Reading Magazines Offline on a PC or Mobile Device

(iPad, iPhone or Android device)

  • Follow the instructions above to register to add eMagazines in your Zinio account.
  • Install and open the Zinio app on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android, Kindle and Blackberry Playbook.
  • Sign in to the app with your Zinio account.
  • Select a magazine to download.
  • When the download is complete you can read that eMagazine offline.

Additional Information

  • There is no loan period for Zinio eMagazines. 
  • Your Zinio account is personal and cannot be viewed or checked by library staff. It may be used it to subscribe and pay for eMagazine subscriptions from Zinio. 
Last updated on 8 September 2015