Macquarie Park Marketing Plan

The Macquarie Park Marketing Plan is designed to provide a strategic blueprint for marketing the Macquarie Park Innovation District. The marketing plan identifies four distinct segments to serve, as listed below:

  • Employers;
  • Employees;
  • Investment Stakeholders; and
  • Start-Ups, High Tech.

Macquarie Park  Precinct is a globally recognised destination of innovation and leadership in business and lifestyle – a vibrant place that is creating a better tomorrow for all.


Council aims to respond to the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities to support, grow and position Macquarie Park as the place to be for innovation, business growth and opportunity.


There are three key objectives of the marketing plan including: 

  1. Economic Goals – Continuing to attract inward investment local/global leading to job creation;
  2. Place Making Goals – Enhance the experience of working, living, studying and visiting Macquarie Park; and
  3. Marketing Goals – Generate awareness and promote the economic, social, cultural and environmental assets of Macquarie Park.

To achieve the overall objectives the 3Cs marketing strategy framework was developed to support the implementation of the action plan.

The 3Cs framework includes:

  • Connection – making new connections and deepening existing connections to drive economic development strategies;
  • Collaboration – work with key stakeholders to deliver projects, initiatives, programs and events; and
  • Communication – development and distribution of stories that make up the successes of Macquarie Park to impact and enhance perceptions.

This plan has been developed with agile management in mind, meaning as opportunities or challenges arise, Council can respond in a timely manner.

View the Marketing Plan(PDF, 2MB)