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Economic Development and Marketing Plans

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Economic Development Plan

The City of Ryde Economic Development Plan 2015 – 2019 (REDP) was adopted by Council on 10 March 2015.

The REDP has been prepared to stimulate the economy by fostering new small business, supporting employment and training, and encouraging investment.

This was the result of a thorough consultation process with the community, analysis of the local economy and consideration of all relevant State Government plans. 

The broad underlying principles guiding the REDP include:

  • Increase the success rates of new small businesses
  • Reduce the rate of unemployment in local area
  • Attract investment into the city
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Deliver all programs in partnership with local stakeholders.

The REDP contains one vision, six goals, nine objectives and 23 specific projects to be delivered over the five years.


By 2019 City of Ryde will have a dynamic, business-oriented local government and be recognised as Sydney’s premier location for employment and globally competitive business with strong links to education and training. Our City will be vibrant with a dynamic business-enabling environment, and our community will be leaders in sustainable transport.


  1. Macquarie Park continues to attract new businesses and a talented workforce
  2. Town and neighbourhood centres are vibrant and attractive for residents, employees and visitors
  3. Small businesses thrive in an environment of relevant information, training and networking opportunities
  4. Job seekers find work locally via employment services, vocational training and work experience opportunities
  5. People can freely move into, out of, and around City of Ryde using modes of transport that are sustainable
  6. Market investment opportunities and permit a variety of activities in the city’s employment


  1. Macquarie Park reaches 1,250,000 m2 of commercial office space by 2019
  2. By 2019 businesses in Macquarie Park report a 10% improvement in attracting and retaining talented staff compared to 2015 levels
  3. By 2019 Businesses in town and neighbourhood centres will report a 10% improvement in vitality and increased visitors as identified by a business survey compared to 2015 levels
  4. Small business programs supported by City of Ryde receive a satisfaction rating of 80% or higher as identified by survey
  5. By 2019 small business owners report a 10% improvement in the provision of networking opportunities as identified by survey compared to 2015 levels
  6. Employment training programs supported by City of Ryde receive a satisfaction rating of 80% or higher as identified by survey
  7. The City of Ryde maintains an unemployment rate that is below the average for NSW
  8. By 2019 the percentage of residents and workers commuting to work by car (as a driver) is reduced by 10% on 2015 figures as measured by the Census
  9. By 2019 an industrial lands viability study will be undertaken to consider any necessary land.

The City of Ryde Economic Development Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of Council and will continue to provide support to Council in the implementation of the Plan.

View the Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Macquarie Park Marketing Plan

The Macquarie Park Marketing Plan is designed to provide a strategic blueprint for marketing the Macquarie Park District. The marketing plan identifies four distinct segments to serve, as listed below:

  • Employers,
  • Employees,
  • Investment Stakeholders and
  • Start-Ups.


There are three key objectives of the marketing plan including: 

  1. Economic Goals – Continuing to attract inward investment local/global leading to job creation;
  2. Place Making Goals – Enhance the experience of working, living, studying and visiting Macquarie Park; and
  3. Marketing Goals – Generate awareness and promote the economic, social, cultural and environmental assets of Macquarie Park.

To achieve the overall objectives the 3Cs marketing strategy framework was developed to support the implementation of the action plan.

The 3Cs framework includes:

  • Connection – making new connections and deepening existing connections to drive economic development strategies;
  • Collaboration – work with key stakeholders to deliver projects, initiatives, programs and events; and
  • Communication – development and distribution of stories that make up the successes of Macquarie Park to impact and enhance perceptions.

This plan has been developed with agile management in mind, meaning as opportunities or challenges arise, Council can respond in a timely manner.

View the Marketing Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Last updated on 17 December 2019