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Local Strategic Planning Statement

Planning Ryde

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) offers an overview of how Council plans to deliver a high-quality lifestyle and enhanced opportunity for work and play in the Ryde community, setting out our 20-year vision and planning priorities. The document also details how Council plans to achieve these visions and priorities, bridging the gap between the Community Strategic Plan and the local planning framework.

The LSPS has been informed by the Community Strategic Plan, the plan for the City of Ryde, by the people of the City of Ryde. The vision described in this Plan has been directly built into the priorities and actions of the LSPS. The LSPS is designed to be read alongside the Community Strategic Plan and build on its content.

The LSPS provides clarity to the community on the area’s future, offering a better understanding to help visualise changes to their local area. This LSPS engagement offers an opportunity for residents to have a say in how their community will change. We are focusing on ensuring infrastructure aligns with growth, and want to make sure suburbs look and function the way our residents want them to in the future.

Key areas that we are interested in hearing the community’s thoughts about are:

  • Housing: delivering a diverse range of housing options with an emphasis on character and location.
  • Open space: making the most of our open space, increasing green space and expanding outdoor active recreation spaces.
  • Green links: creating more green linkages across the LGA, as well as increasing street trees and shade.
  • Macquarie Park: transforming Macquarie Park into a vibrant and accessible CBD that balances work and entertainment.
  • West Ryde: building vitality and improving small business opportunities in West Ryde.
  • Creative enterprise: supporting start-ups, small businesses and creative enterprise to flourish.
  • Sustainability:  increasing tree canopy, improving the health and enjoyment of waterways and protecting bushland.
  • Indoor recreation: increasing indoor recreation facilities across the LGA.
  • Heritage: Protecting our heritage and cultural and scenic landscapes.

Engagement Approach

The LSPS will be on public display from Monday 1 July until Monday 12 August 2019.

Feedback from the community is invited during this time, and will inform the final version of the LSPS which will be provided to Council for adoption.

We want to ensure the final LSPS reflects the needs and priorities of the Ryde LGA, so we will be encouraging the community to tell us what they love about their area and what they want to see in the future.

We are using a variety of engagement tools and techniques to reach the diverse population of Ryde, particularly targeting key hard-to-reach groups such as young families, people speaking languages other than English, students, and young entrepreneurs. We will be using a vox-pop approach with digital recording at all face to face engagement activities, allowing us to pull together both a digital and traditional written outcomes report after our consultation. 


Stage one

Mid April
Draft LSPS 

April to July
Preparation for Engagement

July to August

Consolidation of feedback

stage two 

Test changes with focus groups

October to November
Consolidate finalised feedback

Final LSPS adopted & changes reported back to community 


  • Online and paper survey
  • Telephone survey
  • Meet the City of Ryde team at one of our community swing by’s (dates and times to be confirmed):
    • Ryde Aquatic Centre
    • Top Ryde Centre
    • West Ryde
    • Shepherds Bay
    • Eastwood
    • Macquarie Centre
    • Macquarie University
    • Venture Café
    • Coxs Road
    • Trim Place
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Focus group

Next Steps

Following completion of the LSPS, Council will undertake consultation on potential changes to the Ryde Local Environmental Plan. It is anticipated that consultation will be in early 2020. 


Last updated on 21 May 2019