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Read our frequently asked questions about 'The New Heart of Ryde' project below. Do you have another question? Email us at

What is happening on the site?

Site establishment works are still being undertaken on site and demolition works will commence on Monday 1 March 2021 and will continue over the following few months to July 2021 weather permitting.

The works will include the demolition of the 7-storey Civic Centre and 1-storey Community Hall. During these works the Ryde Civic Centre site including the carpark and grassed area will be fenced off. Pedestrian access around the site has not changed and will remain open to the public (see pedestrian path below).

pedestrian access plan marked where pedestrians can walk 


Pedestrian access plan around the Ryde Central site 

Who is undertaking these works?

Demolition Environmental Civil Contractors (DECC), on behalf of Taylor Construction Group, are undertaking the demolition works. 

Who can I contact regarding the works on the site?

For any enquiries related to the on-site activities, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9952 8222.

Where is the Ryde Civic Centre site?

The Ryde Civic Centre site is where the previous Council Chambers and Civic Hall are located at 1 Devlin Street, Ryde bordered by Devlin Street, Parkes Street and Blaxland Road.

What is the history of the Ryde Civic Centre site?

For an overview of the history of the site, visit our History page.

What will be built on the site?

‘The New Heart of Ryde’ will be a low impact development that will address the growing demand within Ryde for a new and significant accessible space that will service a diverse range of community needs.

The development application currently allows for the construction of a multi-purpose community and cultural building which will contain a hall seating up to 700 people, as well as activity rooms and meeting rooms.

It also allows for the construction of an office building which will accommodate City of Ryde staff and two floors of commercially lettable space, an integrated public plaza, on-site basement car spaces, and space for food and beverage offerings. 

Why are community facilities proposed on site?

In research that helped inform our Community Strategic Plan, the community identified a need to plan for and enhance cultural and community facilities to meet increased demand and ensure equitable access for all sections of our community.

This acknowledgement has since been reinforced by the feedback Council recently received from its Social Plan and Creativity Strategy community consultation process. Therefore, a multi-purpose cultural and community space has been included as part of the plan, resulting in a four-fold increase in community space on the site.

What is the proposed height of the two buildings?

Under the current concept plans, Building 1 will be approximately eight storeys (39 metres high) and Building 2 will be approximately three storeys (16 metres high). For comparison, the existing Ryde Civic Centre is approximately 31 metres in height and the Civic Hall is approximately 7.5 metres in height.

What is the proposed size of the space for the two buildings?

Under the current concept plans:

  • Building 1 will be approximately 8,500-9,000m2 in size (an approximate increase from the current building size of 2,500m2)
  • Building 2 will be approximately 4,000-4,500m2 in size (a four-fold increase from the current building size of 800m2)

Will there be any residential apartments on the site?

No. Council has previously received significant feedback from the community that they did not support residential apartments being included as part of a new civic and community hub. Council has therefore committed to not include any residential apartments in ‘The New Heart of Ryde’.

How will the project be funded?

The proposed redevelopment will be funded by a mix of Council reserves and a loan serviced by developer contributions. The project will be financially sustainable and will not require an increase to Council rates, nor will it require any cuts to be made to essential services.

What are developer contributions?

Developer contributions are a form of development tax available to Council’s under Section 7.11 (formerly S94) and Section 7.12 (formerly S94A) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The purpose of development contributions is to enable Council to levy funds from development to provide new and/or upgraded infrastructure to meet demand caused by population growth through development.

If the Developer Contributions system did not exist the existing population would essentially be subsidising development, as all new facilities and upgrades to cater for population growth would need to be provided from general revenue. As such Development Contributions form a vital source of funding infrastructure for Council to keep up with the demands created by population growth through development.  

Infrastructure that can be funded from Developer Contributions includes open space, recreation and community facilities; roads/public domain and pathways including accessibility upgrades and car parking. 

Will my rates increase to help fund this project?

No, this project will not require an increase to Council rates, nor will it require any cuts to be made to essential services.

Will any part of the Civic Centre site be sold off to help fund the project?

No, Council will retain complete ownership of the site.

Why can’t Council just upgrade the current building?

The Ryde Civic Centre is currently vacant, is unsuitable for occupation, and was deemed unsafe by SafeWork NSW in 2015.

The Civic Hall is near the end of its lifespan. The entire site will soon be unusable and vacant, with the community at a loss of a large community space.

The cost of refurbishing and upgrading the Civic Centre and Civic Hall to today’s standards is estimated to exceed $60 million.

Even after this expense, the existing buildings would still provide insufficient space and are not fit for purpose for our growing community.

Is the Ryde Civic Centre a heritage item?.

Heritage assessments have been undertaken on the Ryde Civic Centre, with each assessment finding the building does not meet the criteria to be heritage listed.

The NSW Heritage Council has determined that the Civic Centre has insufficient merit for inclusion on the State Heritage Register.

What are the additional benefits of redeveloping the site now?

The benefits for redeveloping the site now are:

  • Cost savings in the long term
  • A new community facility providing four times the existing community space on the site
  • A one stop shop for Council’s services
  • An additional income stream through childcare, commercial and retail spaces to help offset the loan.

How will ‘The New Heart of Ryde’ site be accessed by the community?

The site will be able to be accessed by the community in multiple ways including pedestrian and vehicular access.  Considerable further work is being undertaken during the design phase to ensure that there is safe and simple access to the site for the community.

How much parking will be provided and will the surrounding roads change?

At this stage, a substantial number of on-site basement carspaces have been included in the masterplan concept.

Council will be commissioning a detailed traffic and parking study to help inform the optimal number of carspaces required and whether any surrounding road upgrades are necessary.

What are the next steps?

The next steps following the demolition will be the construction of the new community centre and civic building.



Last updated on 15 February 2021