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Community Outcomes


Please note: This information is provided for archival purposes only.

Community Workshop Outcomes - June 2011

A round of community consultation sessions on the Ryde Civic Precinct redevelopment were held in June to cross check with attendees that the principles being used in undertaking feasibility studies for the site reflect their concerns.

Representatives of the neighbouring community, businesses, community groups and hirers of Council’s facilities attended the three sessions when they also given project background information to help explain the site in terms of physical constraints and traffic management. A wide range of views were expressed about the potential redevelopment.

The Feasibility Principles being used to further develop ideas for the site are: 

  • Community Benefit - Provide community benefits through a multi-purpose performance space which meets the needs of the local community now and into the future
  • Revitalisation - Contribute to the revitalisation of the Ryde Town Centre and complement the recently completed Top Ryde City shopping centre
  • Design - Be environmentally sustainable, appropriate for the site and have a better design outcome than is currently allowed under the Local Environment Plan
  • Financially Viable - The redevelopment should be financially sustainable and viable and not place an ongoing burden on Council or rate payers. The aim is for the cost of the new facilities to be met through potential land sale
  • Traffic - Ensure there is no additional traffic on local roads as a result of this redevelopment. Traffic to be directed from and onto State roads, not local ones

There was broad agreement that the feasibility principles were correct. Whilst a host of detailed observations were offered and recorded for consideration, the top 10 points from the three workshops were:

  • Broad support for improved community facilities with the key message that this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity
  • Important that the design is appropriate for the site and caters for the future
  • Ability of the current infrastructure to cope with the impact of additional residents and increased amenities
  • That the redevelopment incorporates green principles and open spaceAccessibility is critical for people, traffic and parking; the latter not necessarily directly related to the project
  • Financial sustainability is key but views differed on financial arrangements
  • Crossing Devlin Street remains an issue as a result of the installation of the bridges
  • There are different views about the redevelopment between residents and the community groups, businesses and hirers of Council’s facilities
  • It is important to improve the credibility of the project with residents
  • Urban design is important

The City of Ryde thanks everyone who took part in this vital consultation process. We now understand that our studies into the potential of the site are based upon principles acceptable to the community and that these principles recognise issues important to the constituents of the city.

Further and more extensive consultation will occur as the feasibility studies begin to define what the redevelopment concept for the site should look like.

Last updated on 24 July 2015