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Project Timeline

Please note: This information is provided for archival purposes only.

Below is an overview of the history for the planning of this site and the planning process for the redevelopment of the site.


  • Council unanimously adopted LEP 143 which included building to heights of RL 115 for the Civic Precinct site. The purpose of this LEP was to revitalise Ryde’s town centre. See Council Meeting 13 December 2005(PDF, 1MB).


  • LEP 143 Ryde Town Centre Precincts Gazetted by NSW Government. This included a total floor space allocation of 100,000sqm for the Civic site however the height was reduced to RL 91 for the site.


  • Top Ryde Shopping Centre redevelopment commences.


March 2010

August 2010

  • Top Ryde City Redevelopment completed.

December 2010 - April 2011

  • Engage the project team and develop a detailed project plan. See Council Meeting 14 December 2010 agenda(PDF, 8MB).
  • Feasibility studies and financial modelling for the redevelopment of the Civic site.
  • Investigate concept options for the site.
  • Consult with internal stakeholders.

May - June 2011

  • Undertake preliminary consultation with key community groups and stakeholders to cross check the feasibility principles being investigated and to better understand potential issues and concerns about the redevelopment of the site. See Civic Precinct Committee 11 May 2011 agenda(PDF, 3MB).

July - August 2011

  • Review feedback from the community and refine a draft concept.
  • Formal public exhibition of the proposed amendment to LEP 2011 including community consultation.

September - November 2011

  • Review of Planning Proposal and feedback from the community by an independent planning expert.
  • Council considered the Planning Proposal at its meeting of 18 October. See Council Extraordinary Meeting 18 October 2011 agenda(PDF, 748KB).
  • Re-exhibition of amended Planning Proposal for 28 days, concluding on 23 November 2011.
  • Council resolved on 8 November 2011 (the conclusion of the 18 October meeting) to undertake an Expression of Interest (EOI) and tendering process designed to recommend a preferred development partner by 12 August 2012.
  • The Expression of Interest (COR-EOI 04/11) was advertised to the open market.

December 2011

  • Council considered the Amended Planning Proposal and community feedback. See Council Meeting 13 December 2011 agenda(PDF, 5MB).
  • The planning proposal for the Civic Precinct was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning for consideration and gazettal if approved.
  • The Expression of Interest closed on 23 December 2011, having generated interest from 92 organisations. 

January 2012

  • During January,  nine lodged EOI submissions were scrutinised by an independent Evaluation Panel, the procurement process and evaluation being overseen by O’Connor Marsden, as Probity Auditor, and Council’s Manager of the Risk and Audit Unit.

February 2012

  • On 6 February 2012, the General Manager confirmed his acceptance of the EOI procurement and evaluation reports from O’Connor Marsden and the City of Ryde Risk and Audit Unit, and accepted the Evaluation Panel’s recommendation that four of the eight proponents who made conforming EOI submissions be invited to participate in the Request for Tender (RFT) process.
  • On 10 February 2012, having received acceptance from all four invitees, the Request for Tender (COR-RFT – 02/12) documentation was issued with a closing date of 10 April 2012. 
Last updated on 29 March 2016