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Local Planning Study


Council has prepared a Local Planning Study in response to the Metropolitan Strategy and Inner North Draft Subregional Strategy. The Local Planning Study aims to guide the preparation of a new comprehensive local environmental plan (LEP) for the City of Ryde. The LEP contains overarching planning objectives and planning provisions that guide the future of development within Ryde.


  • Be consistent with the City of Ryde’s City Vision
  • Articulate a vision for land use planning in the whole of the City of Ryde
  • Provide a single mechanism that coordinates and focuses Council’s planning activities
  • Provide for protection of the environment
  • Demonstrate Council’s commitment to sustainability, well designed places, and economic and social benefits  
  • Establish strategic priorities and provide for growth in population (and a corresponding growth in dwelling numbers) and employment
  • Recommend zoning and permissible land uses
  • Recommend local planning provisions for a comprehensive City of Ryde local environmental plan
  • Meet the State Government planning targets for the number of dwellings and employment opportunities
  • Recommend practical and achievable implementation actions
  • Incorporate appropriate monitoring mechanisms
  • Help to bring about ecologically sustainable development
  • Will implement the relevant objectives and actions of the Metropolitan Strategy and of the Inner-North Subregional Plan.


Local Planning Study Document

Related Council Reports

The following Committee of the Whole meeting agendas, attachments and minutes are relevant background to the Local Planning Study:

  • 7 December 2010: Item 7 - Local Planning Strategy 2010
  • 2 November 2010: Item 4 - Ryde Local Planning Strategy

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Metropolitan Strategy

The Metropolitan Strategy is the NSW Government’s long term plan to maintain Sydney’s role in the global economy and to plan for growth and change. It is a series of ongoing decisions, actions, plans and projects which plans to the year 2031. 

A key component of the Metropolitan Strategy is the document A Plan for Growing Sydney

For more information on the Metropolitan Strategy and the City of Cities plan, see the Department of Planning website.

Inner North Draft Subregional Strategy

The Metropolitan Strategy divides Sydney into sub-regions. The City of Ryde is located within the Inner North Subregion together with Hunters Hill, Willoughby, Lane Cove, North Sydney and Mosman Councils. 

The Department of Planning released the Inner North Draft Subregional Strategy in July 2007. 

Key directions of the Draft Sub-regional Strategy include:

  • strengthening the employment role of the global economic corridor from North Sydney to Macquarie Park
  • improving housing choice and creating liveable and sustainable communities
  • encouraging public transport use
  • protecting and promoting the Subregion's harbour and bush land setting
  • supporting the Subregion's knowledge assets such as Macquarie University

The Draft Subregional Strategy also set a dwelling target for the City of Ryde of 12,000 and an employment target of 21,000.

For more information on Inner North Subregional planning, see the Department of Planning website.

Last updated on 4 August 2015