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Flood Prone Areas

Many properties within the City of Ryde are impacted upon by localised flooding and overland flowpaths. This often has substantial impacts upon the location and design of development.

Council has undertaken several studies on overland flow and localised flooding of Macquarie Park Catchment and the Eastwood and Terry’s Creek Catchment. The resulting reports from the studies provide solutions to existing flood problems in developed areas and strategies for ensuring that new development is compatible with the flood hazard and does not create additional flooding problems in existing developed areas.  These studies have been undertaken in accordance with the State Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy (2005). The aim is to reduce the impacts of flooding and flood liability on individual landowners and occupiers, and to reduce private and public losses resulting from flooding.

It must be noted that the areas identified within these studies are not the only areas affected by flooding, but are simply the most recent studies undertaken by Council. Council is in the process of updating and undertaking further studies on all flood affected areas.

Is your property in a flood prone area?
For further information on whether your property may be subject to flood related development controls, contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.