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Infrastructure and Collaboration

Part 2 of Planning Ryde looks at housing growth and its relationship to infrastructure, including transport.

Council’s guiding vision statements in these areas include:

Residential development in
Putney Hill

Housing Growth

A range of housing options in areas appropriately serviced by infrastructure will be provided, while preserving unique local character.


M2 Motorway, Macquarie Park


The infrastructure needs of the City of Ryde community will continue to be met as the area grows and develops. The provision of new infrastructure will match the pace of development and growth, and deliver the same or a better experience for the community. Infrastructure provided by the State Government will be planned and provided in a timely and constructive way in collaboration with Council and the community.     


Macquarie Centre Bus


Transport links between town centres and other destinations – including open space, residential areas, schools and Macquarie University – will be improved with a focus on active and public transport.


Click here to read about the targets, planning priorities and actions Council will implement to achieve outcomes.  

Developing Planning Ryde

Our 20-year vision for Ryde
Aligning infrastructure delivery and quality with growth

Encouraging and supporting economic growth
Open space and recreation, sustainable growth and resilience

Last updated on 22 July 2020