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Eastwood Town Centre


Eastwood is located approximately 16km west of Sydney. The town centre is located in a valley and straddles the Northern railway line. It is bounded by Blaxland Road to the east, Shaftesbury Avenue to the west and Rutledge Street to the south. The centre is highly accessible due to the Eastwood Railway Station which serves as a major interchange for bus and rail services.

Eastwood Town Centre is a vibrant and well patronised shopping centre that services the needs of the community at both a local and a regional level. In many ways, it functions as a traditional shopping centre with a wide variety of retail uses, community facilities and street life being available within the centre.

Historically, retail activity has focussed on Rowe Street which crosses the railway line and forms a spine through the centre. Over the past twenty years the centre has become well known as an Asian shopping precinct, with specialty stores, supermarkets and many restaurants run by Chinese and Korean retailers.

The centre has both urban and green spaces that provide opportunities for social interaction and recreation, most notably the Mall on Rowe Street and Eastwood Park. Festivals and other cultural events are frequently celebrated in the public spaces of the centre.

Whilst employment and retail land uses are encouraged, recent approved developments will see mixed use buildings that include residential apartments being provided within the centre. The potential redevelopment of the Eastwood Shopping Centre is also likely to activate the centre with increased residential apartments and an expansion of retail uses.

View Eastwood Town Centre Map(PDF, 313KB)

Plans & Studies

Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 (NSW Legislation Website)
Provides a broad framework of controls for the future development of all land in Ryde.

Ryde DCP 2014 Part 4.1 - Eastwood Town Centre(PDF, 5MB)
Provides a set of detailed performance criteria and design guidelines for controlling future development. It sets out development policies on storm water management, architectural characteristics, access/parking, pedestrian access and environmental management.

Eastwood Public Domain Technical Manual(PDF, 2MB)
Guide for the future planning and design of Eastwood Town Centre.

Eastwood Town Centre Transport Management and Access Plan(PDF, 5MB)
Provides direction on options to assist the anticipated growth of the town centre over the next 20 years.

Eastwood and Terry’s Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan
Evaluates a range of potential flood mitigation options and recommends preferred floodplain management measures to reduce flood risk.

Rowe Street Public Domain Plan(PDF, 12MB)
Rowe Street is an important public space in Eastwood Centre. It functions as a significant component to the centre’s commercial mix and is a key contributor to its character. In recognition of its significance, the Rowe Street Public Domain Plan has been prepared to reinforce Rowe Street and the Mall as the pedestrian core of Eastwood.

Draft Eastwood Town Centre Master Plan Presentation(PDF, 4MB)
The draft Eastwood Town Centre Master Plan was placed on public exhibition from 5 March to 14 May 2014. The master plan provides a framework for the future character of the Centre and informs possible changes to the planning controls. The master plan sets a direction for the future built form and the public domain of the town centre. The built form includes the height of buildings and the character of the streetscape. The public domain improvements relate to the open spaces, footpaths and roadways. The master plan also includes proposed improvements to pedestrian and vehicular access within the Centre.

Last updated on 4 August 2015