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Gladesville Town Centre


Gladesville Town Centre comprises a diverse range of shops, business, entertainment and facilities that serve the Hunters Hill municipality and the southern part of the Ryde local government area. 

The Centre straddles busy Victoria Road and includes landmarks such as St Andrews and Christ Church and Gladesville Public School and RSL.


The future of Gladesville Town Centre and the Victoria Road corridor is based on the shared vision of the City of Ryde and Hunter’s Hill Councils. 

The two councils aim to revitalise the town centre and breathe life into the Victoria Road corridor; to create a more inclusive and attractive place in which to live, visit, work and invest. 

Gladesville Town Centre will be transformed by a diverse mix of retail, commercial, residential, leisure opportunities and enhanced pedestrian links and public domain spaces. 

The Victoria Road Corridor to have 4 distinct character areas:

  • Monash Road - will be a village scaled neighbourhood hub
  • North Gladesville - will be a memorable tree-lined commercial strip
  • Gladesville Town Centre - will retain its character and include a range of facilities and services. The centre will be safe, vibrant and easy to move around and do business
  • South Gladesville - will be a green avenue and ‘front door’ to Gladesville.

Plans & Studies

Ryde Local Environmental Plan - LEP 2010: Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road Corridor (available through the NSW Legislation website)
Introduces a set of planning principles that must be considered when assessing any development application or preparing any development control plan relating to land within the town centre. The LEP specifies floor space ratios, height controls and flexible mixed use land zones throughout the corridor. The plan also identifies items of environmental heritage and a conservation area.

Ryde DCP 2014 Part 4.6 - Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road Corridor(PDF, 13MB)
Provides a set of detailed performance criteria and design guidelines for future development, including controls that will guide streetscape improvements, tree planting, widened footpaths new plazas and public squares; built form controls that includes setbacks from front and rear boundaries; detailed planning controls for five key sites where redevelopment will act as a catalyst for urban renewal and promote opportunities for community facilities, public plazas and pedestrian connections from Victoria Road to adjoining areas. These sites are located in Coulter Street, Monash Road, Pittwater Road, Wharf Road and on Victoria Road at Primrose Hill.

Gladesville Public Domain Manual(PDF, 3MB)
Guide for the future planning and design of Gladesville Town Centre.

Last updated on 3 May 2018