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Macquarie Park Corridor


Macquarie Park is a nationally significant research and business centre, specialising in the communications, medical research, pharmaceutical and IT&T sectors. Macquarie Park is set on over 200 ha of commercial landuse, 98 ha occupied by Macquarie University on the doorstep of the National Park. With over 850,000 sqm of commercial floor space and the capacity to reach over 2 million sqm, Macquarie Park is well placed to be a key anchor in the global economic corridor. 

Often described as ‘Australia’s Silicon Valley’, Macquarie Park is the head office location for many of Australia’s ‘Top 100’ companies. Macquarie University is located in the Corridor as is the Macquarie Shopping Centre and a number of restaurants, hotels, serviced apartments, a hospital and residential communities.

Its prime location in Sydney’s Inner North is a major factor driving Macquarie Park's continued growth. It is located 12kms by road from the Sydney CBD and 13kms from Parramatta and the Epping-Chatswood Rail Link provides direct rail access to Macquarie Park. By 2019 the North West Rail Line will expand the rail network servicing Macquarie Park.

To support growth and development into the future, specific planning controls have been developed for Macquarie Park (Amendment 1). These controls will help fund the delivery of new roads and park networks through development floor space and building height incentives.

Macquarie Park will continue to develop into a mature premium location for globally competitive businesses with strong links to the university and research institutions and an enhanced sense of identity. The Corridor will be characterised by a high-quality, well designed, safe and liveable environment that reflects the natural setting, with three accessible and vibrant railway station areas providing focal points. Residential and business areas will be better integrated and an improved lifestyle will be forged for all those who live, work and study in the area.

View the Macquarie Park Town Centre Map(PDF, 269KB)

Plans & Studies

Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 (NSW Legislation Website)
Creates a broad framework of controls for the future development of all land in the City of Ryde.

Amendment 1: Macquarie Park Planning Proposal(PDF, 5MB)
To add Height and Floor Space Ratio Controls for the Macquarie Park Corridor to enable the implementation of new roads and parks that will support employment growth and the evolution of Macquarie Park Corridor from Business Park to specialised employment centre.

Ryde DCP 2014 Part 4.5 - Macquarie Park Corridor(PDF, 19MB)
Provides a framework to guide the future development of the Corridor. The plan specifies built form controls for development and sets in place urban design guidelines to achieve the vision for the area.

Macquarie Park Growth Model
Determines the traffic and transport consequences of development applications for floor space increases over existing or greenfield sites of 1000m2.

Macquarie Park Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan - Executive Summary(PDF, 2MB)
Adopted by Council on 16 July 2013. Provides a framework for developing safe and convenient pedestrian routes and fostering improvements in personal mobility.

Macquarie Park Public Domain Technical Manual(PDF, 4MB)
Comprehensive guideline for designing and constructing public domain works on private and public land throughout the Corridor. It recommends design treatments, materials and finishes for the full suite of public domain elements, ranging from light poles and pavers to street furniture and trees. 

Macquarie Park Traffic Study - Executive Summary(PDF, 827KB)
The Traffic Study considers the needs and effects of the Structure Plan components of the Ryde DCP 2010 Section Part 4.5 Macquarie Park. The Traffic Study and the Pedestrian Study listed above are designed to complement each other. When combined and implemented through the development process, the studies will each provide a solid foundation for an improved, integrated transport management approach which gives equal weighting to the needs of pedestrians and vehicles in Macquarie Park.

Meet Macquarie Park Guide(PDF, 6MB)

A guide for Macquarie Park developed by Urban Walkabout in conjunction with City of Ryde.      

Last updated on 14 May 2019