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Connecting the Futue: Parramatta - Macquarie Park

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The Parramatta to Macquarie Park Light Rail corridor would connect the people of Western Sydney and Greater Parramatta to over 80,000 potential jobs in Macquarie Park, and would have the additional benefit of connecting them to jobs within the North West Growth Corridor, Chatswood and North Sydney.

Addressing this critical missing link will establish a strong connection between Sydney and Parramatta CBDs through Macquarie Park, which serves as the Global Economic Corridor’s central powerhouse.

Light rail has been identified by Transport NSW as being able to play a significant role in Sydney’s transport future, offering an effective option that builds on our current transport network.

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Download a copy of the Macquarie Park - Connecting the Future Publication(PDF, 2MB).

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Last updated on 17 August 2015