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Meadowbank Employment Area


Shepherds Bay lies adjacent to the northern shore of the Parramatta River, between Church Street to the east and the Main Northern Railway Line to the west. Its northern extremity is essentially formed by Constitution Road. Beyond, is an established residential area which extends to Victoria Road. The area, which covers approximately 35 hectares, is undergoing a fundamental change from an industrial area to a high density residential area. 

Historically this section of Meadowbank was developed with employment activities because of its proximity to good transport. Originally the Parramatta River was its closest, most obvious transport conduit, later replaced by the railway line (Strathfield to Hornsby in 1886) which provided an impetus for development. 

The area sits cradled within Shepherds Bay on the Parramatta River. Along with other waterfront industrial lands, the area was first identified for its potential to redevelop for residential uses in the late 1990s. 

In 2003, the Shepherds Bay area was rezoned as a Mixed Use Urban Village. The State Government commissioned a master plan to ensure employment activities would continue to be provided in the precinct. Due to these intentions, the plan and its subject area was named the Meadowbank Employment Area. However, contrary to the intentions of this and subsequent master plans an equitable mix of uses has not eventuated. 

The area is now commonly known as Shepherds Bay rather than the Meadowbank Employment Area. Both the State government and the City of Ryde’s current vision for this area is for it to be a high density residential area with retail and commercial uses focused within the precinct adjacent to the railway station. This precinct is immediately adjacent to the Meadowbank TAFE. It includes a small cluster of shops either side of the railway station that provide a limited range of services. Some of the shops front a small urban plaza at the railway station. This precinct remains largely undeveloped and has the potential to develop as a village that would provide a focus for the surrounding residential areas. 

The ongoing move to a residential precinct is supported by the area’s easy access to shopping centres in Ryde, excellent public transport facilities and riverfront parks that provide recreational opportunities. Approximately 75% of the area has either been developed or has been approved by the State Government under the Part 3A Major Project system. Major constructed development includes “Waterpoint” on the western waterfront edge which has shopping and community facilities and the sites between Porter and Bowden Street. A large portion of the area between Constitution Road and the waterfront, has been approved by the State Government for high density residential uses. This development incorporates improved pedestrian and vehicular accessways and a new public park.

View the Shepherds Bay and Meadowbank Town Centres Map(PDF, 396KB)

Plans & Studies

Ryde Local Environment Plan 2014 (NSW Legislation website)
 Provides a broad framework of controls for the future development of all land in Ryde.

Ryde DCP 2014 Part 4.2 - Shepherds Bay Meadowbank(PDF, 20MB)
Provides the current planning framework to guide the development and future growth of the area.

Meadowbank Public Domain Technical Manual(PDF, 2MB) 
Guide for the future planning and design of Meadowbank Employment Area.

Meadowbank Employment Area Traffic Needs Assessment 
Completed for consideration of the Part 3A Shepherds Bay) by Bitzios Consultants for City of Ryde. Contact Council's Planning Department if you wish to view these documents.

Meadowbank Employment Area (MEA) Draft DCP 2007 by Cox/MacroPlan for City of Ryde 
The review identified the physical changes that maybe required in the area to respond to the changing land uses and approved developments in the MEA. Contact Council's Planning Department if you wish to view these documents.

Employment Land Assessment (MEA) final report August 2007 
Contact Council's Planning Department if you wish to view these documents.

Master Plan Transport Assessment Draft July 2007 
Contact Council's Planning Department if you wish to view these documents.

Determined Part 3A Major Projects in the City of Ryde including Shepherds Bay Meadowbank


Last updated on 4 August 2015