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West Ryde Town Centre


West Ryde Town Centre is located 16 km west of the Sydney CBD. The town centre is bisected east-west by Victoria Road and north-south by the Northern railway line. The centre is highly accessible due to the West Ryde Railway Station which serves as a major interchange for bus and rail services.

Historically, the centre developed as a main street shopping strip along Victoria Road. However, as traffic volumes increased, the focus of the centre has turned to the streets behind and to the north of Victoria Road which are quieter and more conducive to a comfortable pedestrian experience. The West Ryde shopping centre, based around the supermarket, library, retail space, residential units and a community centre has been developed, which together with public domain improvements and traffic calming, make the precinct more accessible, convenient and visually pleasing.

The West Ryde Urban Village Development will consolidate and expand this precinct by providing a new community centre, additional retail/supermarket space with residential units above and two levels of underground parking. 
The village square in front of the Urban Village Development provides a piazza-style outdoor area for meeting, entertainment, relaxation and the arts.

Future development and public domain improvements will be focused on the eastern side of the centre along Ryedale Road, surrounding Anzac Park and along Victoria Road. Employment uses will be protected and enhanced. 
Existing open spaces will be enhanced and “green links” developed offering increased amenity to surrounding residential development.

View West Ryde Town Centre Map(PDF, 474KB)

Plans & Studies

Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 (NSW Legislation Website)
Provides a broad framework of controls for the future development of all land in Ryde.

Ryde DCP 2014 Part 4.3 - West Ryde Town Centre(PDF, 14MB)
Provides a set of detailed performance criteria and design guidelines for controlling future development. It sets out development policies on storm water management, architectural characteristics, access/parking, pedestrian access and environmental management.  

West Ryde Public Domain Manual(PDF, 4MB)
Guide for the future planning and design of West Ryde Town Centre.

Last updated on 3 May 2018