Business Opportunity Accelerator Program

Two men looking at desk

In association with Macquarie University, we’re running the Business Opportunity Accelerator (BOA) program for businesses in the City of Ryde.

Successful applicants to the program will be provided with a small student team from Macquarie University who will research post COVID-19 growth opportunities for your organisation and produce a tailored report with their findings and recommendations.

Why Participate?
  • High-Quality Outcomes. Get a tailored research report for your business
  • Local insights. Tap into local  insights from a diverse, multinational Gen Z team Low overheads. 100% virtual project, no office space required
  • No cost. No financial cost to participate
  1. Fill out the Project Brief template to tell students about your organisation. Choose the focus area: marketing, product/service or 
    your customers.
  2. A diverse multinational student team will spend 120 hrs across 2 weeks to undertake a research project for your organisation. They are supported by the Practera team.
  3. You review students’ work and provide online feedback  (approx. 60 min/week).
  4. You get a tailored research report with recommendations.


Spaces for the pilot program are limited, but a waiting list will be assembled and applicants contacted for any future run of the program.