Youth Creative Competition 2023

Youth Creative Comp 2023

Winners have been announced. Click on the links below to view the category winners.

Art Category  |  Writing Category

The City of Ryde introduced their first Youth Creative Competition which ran from 1 July 2023 to 31 October 2023.

The competition was held across three age groups 12-15, 16-19, 20-24 and entries were asked to respond to the competition theme, HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.


Art Category

Ages 12-15 

Winner: Anika Fenech - Flowers Of Change 
Runner Up: Ethan Rogers - Light Painting Silhouette

Ages 16-19

Winner: Charlotte Jolly - Hopeful Tails 
Runner Up: Eleanor Heng - Bubble Baby

Ages 20-24

Winner: Georgie Rosenberg - Just Foolish
Runner Up: Madeline Luc - In Stillness We Find Hope

Highly Commendable
Leo Lampton - Animals on the Land

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Writing Category

Click on each link below to download the piece. 

Ages 12-15 

Winner: Annabelle Whitfield - Hope for the Future(PDF, 79KB)  
Runner Up: Sheldon Chan - The Seed of Hope(PDF, 145KB)

Ages 16-19

Winner: Amelia Mayne - Daffodils(PDF, 126KB)  
Runner Up: Elle Fenech - The Desire for Blossoms of Hope(PDF, 58KB)

Ages 20-24

Winner: Celia Thirimanna - Antithetical Melancholia(PDF, 19KB)
Runner Up: Madeline Luc - Lavender Logos(PDF, 100KB)

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2023 Youth Creative Comp Awards