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Brush Farm House - A Learning and Development Hub

19 Lawson Street, Eastwood

The City of Ryde is committed to making Ryde a City of Harmony and Culture where all residents are able to learn and grow through a wealth of art, culture and lifelong learning opportunities.

This ongoing commitment is made real within our community buildings, where Council has provided affordable community space to not-for-profit community organisations to deliver community services.

Brush Farm House is one of Ryde’s premier historical properties and is our first Learning and Community Hub.  The organisations residing at the Brush Farm House hub are:

  • Macquarie Community College
  • Brush Farm Historical Society
  • Corrective Services NSW

Exhibitions are also held at Brush Farm House. Council provides opportunities for artists to exhibit their works within Brush Farm House's professional gallery 10 weeks a year. Local artists can also work at Brush Farm House through Council's Artist Studio program. 

Macquarie Community College

Macquarie Community College (MCC) is the third largest community college in Sydney. The College provides lifelong learning opportunities that are relevant, accessible and affordable. MCC runs a number of business, arts and leisure programs from Brush Farm.

MCC also manages venue hire for the Learning and Development hub at Brush Farm House. Hall and rooms are available for casual hire for local meetings, children’s birthday parties and other local celebrations.

Phone: 8845 8888 

Brush Farm Historical Society

The Brush Farm Historical Society (BFHS) is a volunteer-based community organisation that researches, promotes and publicises the history of the Brush Farm District. The Society holds monthly meetings, talks and Open Houses. To find out when the next Open House is held, visit the What's On (TBC) page.

Phone: 9874 2610

Corrective Services NSW

Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy is part of Corrective Services NSW and offers a unique blend of training across a broad range of disciplines – from specialised corrections training to workplace computer courses and executive-level management development programs.
Phone: 9804 5444 

Last updated on 29 March 2016