Go Active 2 School

The Go Active 2 School project aims to promote safety outside schools and increase the number of children walking to and/or from school.

The project aims to achieve its outcomes by improving:

  • Environmental concerns (such as the lack of crossings or footpaths) through engineering solutions identified by a local walkability audit conducted by families, teachers and experts working with Council and the RMS
  • Enforcement by working with NSW Police and Council’s Rangers to reduce unsafe behaviour around schools
  • Education on safe ways to get to and from school by working with Ryde Hornsby Health Promotion, NSW Police, and the Department of Education and Communities Road Safety Curriculum Development team to create appropriate resources for the community.

Resources that have been developed and provided to students and parents include:

  • Transport Access Guides (TAGs) - a map with walking, cycle and bus routes to school and local shopping areas, and the best places to cross the road
  • Reflective bag tags to assist with the children’s visibility when walking to and from school
  • A Travel Chart for students to record how they travel to and from school throughout the term
  • Road safety information packs including brochures and fact sheets for the families.

The program has been implemented in Holy Spirit School and St Charles Primary School and has been launched in Putney, Ryde and West Ryde Public Schools.

How to Cross the Road Safely
STOP one step back from the kerb or shoulder of the road if there is no footpath
LOOK in all directions for approaching traffic
LISTEN in all directions for approaching traffic
THINK about whether it is safe to cross the road - when the road is clear or all traffic has stopped. When crossing, walk straight across the road. Keep looking and listening for traffic while crossing.

Did You Know?

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 years need at least 60 minutes (and up to several hours) of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.
Adults need to put together at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.
Walking to school is an easy way for you and your child to achieve the recommended amount of physical activity needed in a day. It’s fun, friendly and easy.

Download your local Transport Access Guide (TAG)

These three guides show safe walking and cycling routes, bus routes and stops, train stations and helpful hints on road safety and exercise for children.

Cycling and walking tracks are marked, as are pedestrian access/crossing and wheelchair access locations. You will also find Council facilities such as libraries, recreation centres, public toilets, parks and other civic features.

Denistone East Public School

Eastwood Heights Public School

Eastwood Public School and Town Centre

Gladesville Public School

Kent Road Public School

Meadowbank Public School

North Ryde Public School

Putney Public School and Putney Village

Ryde Public School and Town Centre

West Ryde Public School and Town Centre

More TAGs

For more TAGs covering shopping precincts at Macquarie Centre, Eastwood and Gladesville, and a city-wide TAG covering the entire Ryde Local Government Area,  see the Transport Access Guide page.