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Party Planning

Mocktail Recipes

Mocktails are a delicious and safe alternative to alcoholic cocktails. Download these funky recipes(PDF, 2MB).


  • Provide a variety and sufficient supply of non-alcoholic drinks
  • If alcohol is available, have one responsible adult nominated as the dedicated server in a specified bar area
  • Don’t allow topping up of drinks
  • Encourage guests to look after each other
  • Discourage BYO as you can not control consumption.

Menu Plan

Want some great ideas on finger foods and dinner plans for a large or small number of guests? Download the menu plan(PDF, 226KB).


  • Make sure there is plenty of food available
  • Savoury foods to start, hot food through-out, fruit and dessert to finish
  • Serve low salt chips and crackers (too much salt can make your guests thirstier)
  • Make sure you are aware of your legal requirements for serving food if you are running a public party (you may be required to obtain a temporary food registration). Contact Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222 for more details.


While having a party is fun, it can be hard to plan. These invitation templates can be freely used to take one stressful aspect out of the planning process. Don’t forget an RSVP date, so you can prepare for the number of guests who will be attending.


  • Allow control through admittance by invitation only
  • Include an RSVP date
  • Include a finish time for you party
  • Avoid publishing invitations on websites
  • Remind guests to bring their invitations to ensure entry
  • Avoid SMS invitations. You don’t know who they could be forwarded to
  • Provide contact details for the venue and organisers, particularly for underage parties
  • Provide transport or accommodation information so people plan their night and make smart choices.

Party Games

For a spin on the traditional party how about try something different like a murder mystery party? Or a trivia night party? Even a fancy dress party where everyone has to dress up as a superhero?

There are many different types of party games you can play and many different themes you can have. For more ideas see these sites:

Last updated on 27 June 2015