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Ryde at Home

COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of how we live, work, socialise and play in the City of Ryde.

What we are experiencing now will become history for the future and the only way that history will be recorded is if we document it now.

We need your help to create a photographic record of what it was like to live through this once in a generation event. You may have already taken photos that relate to the topic from Easter and ANZAC day or as things started to change around you.

Upload your photos and videos and help us build the history of tomorrow for our community.

Submit a Photo/Video

Ryde at Home Album

Photo & video suggestions (must be in the Ryde LGA)
  • Home life: working from home, schooling from home, social activities in the home (including getting grandparents to use Zoom!)
  • Children's artwork portraying the pandemic and how it has affected them
  • Work life: how has your workplace changed?
  • Transport: train stations, bus stops, ,roads, petrol stations (showing when petrol was under $1 a litre)
  • Shopping Centres: signage, closures, social distancing, empty shelves (or the first time you saw toilet paper on the shelves in weeks)
  • Restaurants/pubs/cafes: closures and changes to service
  • Churches: closures and changes to service
  • Other social/service/activity clubs: closures and changes to service
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Health facilities/COVID testing stations
Last updated on 27 May 2020