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Senior Staff

General Manager 

George Dedes

George Dedes
Qualifications: Associate Diploma in Project Management, Diploma In Management, BA Dip Ed, Grad Cert Workplace Relations
Appointed: 2017

George has over 25 years’ experience in local and state government across various senior management and executive roles, leading and developing high performing multidisciplinary teams in complex and dynamic political environments to deliver essential services for the community.  

He has extensive experience in leading cultural and organisational change, undertaking significant improvements spanning council’s operations.  George has implemented continuous improvement strategies at all levels of the organisation and his expertise in infrastructure and strategic planning puts him in a unique position to guide the future of our vibrant City.

The breadth of experience that George brings to Council allows for the implementation of significant complex projects whilst strengthening the commercial and customer focus across the Council, improving services for the residents of Ryde.

His current key focus includes the development and implementation of the new Community Strategic Plan, in doing so, meeting the diverse needs of our community in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner. 

Director Corporate Services

Roy Newsome

Roy Newsome 
Qualifications: Assoc. LG Admin GACID 
Appointed: 2004

With more than 35 years experience in local government, Roy has extensive experience and knowledge of service delivery to the Council and community. This background enables him to strengthen and improve Council’s governance framework through the delivery of essential corporate services including Finance, Information Systems, Human Resources, Customer Services, Governance and Legal. His current key focus areas are optimising IT systems to improve service delivery, strengthening customer service (including the opening of a new Planning and Business Centre in 2011), investigating options to increase revenue sources, and maintaining the current sound financial position.

Acting Director City Works

2017-05 Joe So

Joe So
Qualifications: B. Bus. F Fin.
Appointed: 2017

With over 17 years' experience in banking, consulting, and local government, Joe brings a broad range of experiences to the City Works and Infrastructure Directorate. His background enables an innovative and modern approach in the management of The City's assets and delivery of essential services. His portfolio includes the end-to-end asset planning and delivery of The City's annual Capital Works Program, along with asset maintenance, waste management, and the development of Council's commercial and operational properties. Joe's current initiatives include the establishment of financially sustainable asset management models, the advancement of Council's Geospatial Integration Management System for civil works planning and delivery, along with the implementation of Council's property strategy.

Director Customer and Community Services

Angela Jones Blayney 2013-2014
Angela Jones-Blayney

Qualifications: B. App. Sci (Environmental Health), Dip. Project Management
Appointed: 2012

Throughout Angela’s extensive 26- year career in Local Government she has a proven track record of fostering a culture in which excellence in service is pursued by all staff and is front of mind when dealing with our customers. Angela is responsible for the implementation of communication and community engagement strategies and strategic customer service programs to support and improve the interface between the City of Ryde and its customer base. She is also responsible for managing internal and external media communications for the Council. Her recent achievements include undertaking the comprehensive, award-winning community engagement program underpinning the City of Ryde’s Special Rating Variation application.

Director City Planning and Environment

Liz Coad
Liz Coad
Qualifications: BTP, Diploma of Management
Appointed: 2018


Liz has 31 years experience working in local government, with extensive experience in statutory and land use planning and in-depth knowledge of the political and legislative process. She has expertise in service delivery and business improvement and has worked in various leadership roles at City of Ryde. Liz also took on the role of mentor in the 2015/16 City of Ryde Mentoring Program and helped to deliver another successful year of this program.

Last updated on 10 July 2018