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Eastwood and West Ryde Events and Promotions (Inactive)

Please note: This information is provided for historical purposes only.

This Committee is no longer active. 

Role and Responsibilities

The now inactive Eastwood and West Ryde Events and Promotions Committee promoted and sponsored entertainment and new activities/initiatives in the Eastwood Town Centre, including the annual Granny Smith Festival and Lunar New Year celebrations.

For more detailed information download the Eastwood and West Ryde Events & Promotions Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 168KB).

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
27 Nov 2017 27 Nov 2017 
28 Aug 2017(PDF, 116KB) 28 Aug 2017 
22 May 2017(PDF, 117KB) 22 May 2017(PDF, 211KB)
27 Feb 2017(PDF, 116KB) 27 Feb 2017(PDF, 209KB)
21 Nov 2016(PDF, 116KB) 21 Nov 2016(PDF, 202KB)  
22 Aug 2016(PDF, 114KB) 22 Aug 2016(PDF, 192KB)  
23 May 2016 23 May 2016(PDF, 246KB)  
22 Feb 2016  22 Feb 2016(PDF, 248KB)
24 Nov 2014(PDF, 92KB) 24 Nov 2014(PDF, 182KB)
25 Aug 2014(PDF, 93KB) 25 Aug 2014(PDF, 229KB)
26 May 2014(PDF, 47KB) 26 May 2014(PDF, 233KB)
03 Mar 2014(PDF, 47KB) 03 Mar 2014(PDF, 64KB)
25 Nov 2013(PDF, 42KB) 25 Nov 2013(PDF, 60KB)
26 Aug 2013(PDF, 41KB) 26 Aug 2013(PDF, 4MB)
27 May 2013(PDF, 114KB) 27 May 2013(PDF, 178KB)
04 Mar 2013(PDF, 113KB) 04 Mar 2013(PDF, 40KB)
28 May 2012(PDF, 41KB) 28 May 2012(PDF, 41KB)
26 Mar 2012(PDF, 41KB) 26 Mar 2012(PDF, 41KB)
28 Nov 2011(PDF, 41KB) 28 Nov 2011(PDF, 22KB)
22 Aug 2011(PDF, 14KB) 22 Aug 2011(PDF, 26KB)
23 May 2011(PDF, 15KB) 23 May 2011(PDF, 25KB)
21 Feb 2011(PDF, 16KB) 21 Feb 2011(PDF, 26KB)




Last updated on 31 May 2018