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Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Renewable Energy Advisory Committee was created in September 2017.  Its primary role is to advise Council regarding priorities for the development and implementation of strategic programs and policies to promote the update of renewable energy technologies, services and other resilient energy efficient initiatives with the Ryde LGSA and to influence regional initiatives.

For more information on this committee, download the Renewable Energy Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 250KB).


Chairperson: Clr Penny Pedersen
Councillor(s): Clr Christopher Gordon (Deputy Chairperson), Clr Edwina Clifton
Community Representatives: Pamela Reeves, Jill Hartley, Joanne Taranto, Graham Town, Nicholas Tse, Hope Ashiabor


Meetings are held on Wednesdays in the Council Chambers, Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Top Ryde at 6.45 pm. 

2021 meeting dates: 11 March, 9 June

Agendas Minutes
11 March 2021(PDF, 103KB)

Past Agenda and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
9 December 2020(PDF, 101KB) 9 December 2020(PDF, 147KB)
11 March 2020(PDF, 100KB)
11 December 2019(PDF, 138KB) 11 December 2019(PDF, 142KB)
11 September 2019(PDF, 100KB) 11 September 2019(PDF, 171KB)
12 June 2019(PDF, 158KB) 12 June 2019(PDF, 168KB)
13 March 2019(PDF, 156KB)   13 March 2019(PDF, 167KB)
12 December 2018(PDF, 114KB)   12 December 2018(PDF, 169KB)  
12 September 2018(PDF, 113KB)   12 September 2018(PDF, 169KB)   
13 June 2018(PDF, 99KB) 13 June 2018(PDF, 178KB)  
14 March 2018(PDF, 103KB) 14 March 2018(PDF, 199KB)
Last updated on 4 May 2021