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Sport and Recreation and Wheeled Sports Advisory Committee

Role and Responsibilities

The primary objective of this committee is to consider matters and inform Council and Council officers of community views and likely impact of proposed strategies regarding sport and recreation in the City of Ryde.  The committee includes representatives from across the Ryde community that have an interest in local recreation facilities. 

For more detailed information download Sport and Recreation and Wheeled Sports Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 181KB).


Chairperson: Clr Bernard Purcell 
Councillor Representatives: Clr Roy Maggio (Deputy Chairperson), Clr Trenton Brown
Member Organisations: Anne Doring - Eastwood Ryde netball Association, Elizabeth Lawrence - Macquarie Dragons Football Club, Sandra Donovan - Ryde Sailing Club, Geordie McRae - Ryde Hornsby Baseball League, Michael Masulan - Eastwood St Andrews Australian Football Club (AFC), Paul Moujalli - Ryde Eastwood Leagues, Morris Lombardo - Putney Rangers Football Club, Brian Law - YMCA NSW, Shane Cotton - Northern Districts Cricket Association, Buckley Findlay - Gladesville Hornsby Football Association and North West Sydney Women’s Football Association, Luis Almenara - Ryde Eastwood Baseball Club, Karen Waud - West Ryde Rovers Sports Club, Judith Budd - General Community, Daniel Han - General Community, Felix Lo - General Community


Meetings are held on Wednesdays in the Council Committee Room Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Top Ryde at 6 pm. 
2020 meeting dates: 5 February, 6 May, 5 August, 4 November (TBC)

Agendas Minutes

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
6 November 2019(PDF, 101KB)  
7 August 2019(PDF, 44KB) 7 August 2019(PDF, 213KB)
1 May 2019(PDF, 44KB)   1 May 2019(PDF, 223KB)
6 February 2019(PDF, 83KB) 6 February 2019(PDF, 266KB)
7 November 2018(PDF, 44KB) 7 November 2018(PDF, 215KB)
8 August 2018(PDF, 82KB) 8 August 2018(PDF, 224KB)
9 May 2018(PDF, 45KB) 9 May 2018(PDF, 229KB)  
7 February 2018(PDF, 49KB)
7 February 2018(PDF, 197KB)
16 August 2017(PDF, 564KB)
(includes attachments)
16 August 2017
10 May 2017(PDF, 150KB)
10 May 2017(PDF, 58KB)
8 February 2017(PDF, 153KB)

8 February 2017(PDF, 57KB)

Proposed Capital Works Schedule 2017 - 2018(PDF, 379KB)

9 November 2016(PDF, 97KB) 9 November 2016(PDF, 57KB)
3 August 2016(PDF, 98KB) 3 August 2016(PDF, 208KB)
8 June 2016(PDF, 97KB) 8 June 2016(PDF, 200KB)
6 April 2016(PDF, 107KB) 6 April 2016(PDF, 61KB)
3 February 2016(PDF, 155KB) 3 February 2016(PDF, 160KB)
9 November 2015(PDF, 155KB) 9 November 2015(PDF, 268KB)
10 August 2015(PDF, 108KB) 10 August 2015(PDF, 219KB)  
22 June 2015(PDF, 110KB) 22 June 2015(PDF, 179KB)
11 May 2015(PDF, 76KB) 11 May 2015(PDF, 174KB)
16 February 2015(PDF, 159KB) 16 February 2015(PDF, 172KB)
Last updated on 28 September 2020