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City of Ryde Constitutional Referendum

Published on 22 November 2021

The 2021 Local Government elections are approaching with election day taking place on Saturday 4 December and the pre-polling voting period opening on Monday 22 November.

In addition to voting in the Local Government elections, all voters enrolled on the City of Ryde Electoral Roll will be required to vote in a referendum.

The referendum is asking each voter whether they support a popularly elected Mayor for a four-year term.

The referendum requires voters to provide a yes or no answer to the following question: 

Do you support a popularly elected Mayor where the voters of the City of Ryde elect the Mayor for a four (4) year term, thereby adopting a thirteen (13) Councillor model (including the Mayor)?

If the majority of voters say yes in the referendum, the following changes will occur from 2024:

  • The position of Mayor would be elected by the public (currently the Mayor is elected by the 12 Councillors)
  • The Mayoral term will increase from two to four years (currently the Mayoral term is two years)
  • The number of Councillors would increase from 12 to 13 as a result of a popularly elected Mayor (currently there are 12 elected Councillors).

The referendum is being administered by the NSW Electoral Commission and voting is compulsory for everyone enrolled on the City of Ryde Electoral Roll.

Click here for more information on the referendum and the Local Government elections. 

Last updated on 22 November 2021