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City of Ryde Council meeting summary - April meeting

Published on 07 May 2019

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 30 April 2019. Here is a summary of the main outcomes from the meeting:

Council to provide childcare for advisory committee members

The City of Ryde will provide childcare for members of the public who are on Council advisory committees when meetings are held in a landmark step to encourage more parents to join the committees and broaden community representation.

There are currently 16 advisory committees that meet on a quarterly basis each year such as the Status of Women Advisory Committee, the Arts Advisory Committee and the Macquarie Park Forum.

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Phasing out single-use plastics in the City of Ryde

Council adopted its first-ever Reduce Single Use Plastic Policy. The policy officially prohibits the use of single-use plastic at Council events and phases out their use in all Council operations and Council-sponsored events over the next year. 

Council will also undertake a waste education program to assist local businesses and community organisations to reduce their use of single-use plastics. 

Council to investigate if Rowe Street East car park could be home for a new community centre

A report will be prepared looking into the financial viability, relevant planning controls and approval pathways of constructing a community centre in conjunction with the proposed Rowe Street East car park development.

The community centre would address the lack of community space currently available in the City of Ryde. 

Community Grants allocated

More than $158,000 has been allocated to more than 30 local community organisations as part of round one of the 2019 Community Grants program.

The grants are allocated to allow local community organisations undertake a range of activities including events, community projects, capacity building and social support.

Road safety audit to take place at Pittwater Road

A road safety audit will be undertaken to investigate the risk to pedestrians when they cross Pittwater Road between Gannet Street and Thompson Street in Boronia Park. The audit will assess the potential effectiveness of various safety measures including the installation of pedestrian fencing along the median strip and/or limiting where pedestrians are able to cross.

Local residents and businesses as well as Hunter’s Hills Council will be consulted with as part of the audit.  

City of Ryde gets behind recycling campaign

The City of Ryde has endorsed Local Government NSW’s ‘Save Our Recycling’ campaign. The campaign calls on the NSW Government to reinvest all the money it receives from the waste levy into waste minimisation, recycling and resource recovery.  

New mural for Eastwood

A new mural at the Eastwood pedestrian underpass will be commissioned as part of a new street art initiative being undertaken by the City of Ryde. 

Additional street art projects will also be funded by Council over the coming years as a way of improving the aesthetics of public areas and discouraging graffiti vandalism. 

Interpreter service to be trialled  

A 12 month trial will take place in which Council will provide a multilingual interpreter service for members of the public who wish to address Council and committee meetings. 

The service will be available for speakers who provide Council with sufficient notice that they intend to publicly participate at a meeting. 

Proposal for a White Ribbon Walk to take place in the City of Ryde

Council will seek to form a partnership with the Ryde Local Area Police Command and stage an annual White Ribbon Walk on 22 November. The White Ribbon Walk raises awareness of men’s violence against women and how to prevent domestic violence in the community. 

More musical events could be held at Brush Farm House

Following the success of the City of Ryde Orchestra in the Park event at Brush Farm House, Council will consider expanding the program to include another annual event at the venue. This will include opportunities to showcase different musical themes. 

Putney Village upgrade

Putney Village will be included in the City of Ryde’s Neighbourhood Centres Upgrade program. Investigation and consultation will commence in 2024. Meanwhile, a new sign directing motorists to the Putney Shopping Village will be installed at Victoria Road and Charles Street this year. 

New school zone to be investigated

Council will consult with Roads and Maritime Service to investigate the possibility of introducing a 40km/h school zone in Buffalo Road, Ryde, adjacent to Ryde Secondary College. In addition, a new road sign will be installed on Buffalo Road pointing to the location of Ryde Secondary College. 

Council to consider bike and kayak hire kiosks along Parramatta River 

The City of Ryde will identify possible locations along Parramatta River for bicycle and kayak hire kiosks. A report detailing the locations will be brought back to Council for consideration.

Improving traffic congestion on East Parade 

The City of Ryde will consult with Eastwood residents and businesses about the prospect of removing two car spaces on East Parade (near the corner of First Avenue) to improve traffic congestion. 

New art competition to educate the community about modern-day slavery

Council will look to partner with Paint4Freedom – a national art competition designed to educate about the tragedy of modern-day slavery – in order to organise a local community art competition in the second half of this year. 

Four year delivery plan now on public exhibition

The draft 2019-2023 Four Year Delivery Program was endorsed by Council. The draft program will now be publicly exhibited from 3 May 2019 to 31 May 2019.

Next meeting 

The next Ordinary Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 28 May 2019.

Last updated on 4 June 2019