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City of Ryde Council meeting summary - December meeting

Published on 20 December 2018

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 11 December 2018. Here is a summary of the main outcomes from the meeting:

New plan to solve Eastwood parking and traffic issues 

A concept plan will be developed that would support the creation of a new shopper car park on the western side of Eastwood as well as a new public plaza and community facilities. 

Under the concept plan, the existing Glen Street car park would be relocated to the Shaftsbury Road precinct at the edge of Eastwood town centre. The Glen Street car park, meanwhile, would be transformed into a public plaza, creating a more vibrant open space for the community.

The finalised concept plan as well as the Draft Eastwood Traffic and Parking Study will be placed on public exhibition in early 2019, with a comprehensive consultation process to be undertaken involving residents, community groups and the local business community.  

The new car park on the western side of Eastwood would be in addition to the new multi-storey short stay car park that Council will build at 53-71 Rowe Street, on the eastern side of the town centre. 

Click here for more information. 

Ryde enters into Friendship Agreement with Korean city

The City of Ryde will enter into a Friendship Agreement with the City of Jongno-gu in the Republic of Korea. 

Jongno-gu was nominated given its similarities with the City of Ryde regarding population and demographics, key industries and educational links. 

Friendship Agreements provide opportunities for cities to create shared understandings and mutually grow through cultural, educational, business and technical exchanges. 

Ryde opts-in to reduce parking fines

The State Government recently made regulatory changes that allows NSW Councils to reduce their fines, however, to make the change Councils are required to opt-in to the new scheme. 

The City of Ryde has agreed to opt-in to this new State Government policy to reduce parking fines. 

A report outlining funding options and financial implications will be submitted to Council in February. 

Honouring the women elected to the City of Ryde

Council will consult with the Status of Women Advisory Committee regarding the possibility of naming a public space after Beatrice Beryl Sutton, who was the first woman to be elected to local government in Ryde.

The move comes after the City of Ryde recognised the 100-year anniversary since women became eligible to be elected to local government in NSW. A morning tea will be hosted with the women (or their representatives) who have been elected to local government in Ryde to commemorate the centenary. 

Council seeks to become Reserve Trust Manager over Crown Land

The City of Ryde will seek approval from the NSW Minister for Lands and Forestry to become Reserve Trust Manager over 12 parcels of Crown Land that are currently identified by the NSW Government as being ‘devolved to Council’. 

Changing Council’s status to Reserve Trust Manager would allow Council to more effectively implement plans that would govern the use of each parcel of land.

There are 31 parcels of Crown Land in the City of Ryde, with Council the Reserve Trust Manager of the 19 other parcels of land. 

Next meeting 

The next Ordinary Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 26 February 2019.


Last updated on 4 June 2019