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Council Praises Former General Manager, Gail Connolly

Published on 19 May 2016

At an extraordinary meeting of Council on Tuesday 17 May 2016, the Council resolved to officially recognise the contribution of former General Manager, Ms Gail Connolly, and to express their shock at the State Government’s action in relocating her to another council, without prior notice, as part of their forced amalgamation agenda.

City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale, said:  “In the fifteen months Ms Connolly spent at the helm, she made a huge contribution to the stability, growth and expanded vision of the Council, at a critical time when the City of Ryde’s very existence lies in the hands of the Baird Government.

“Along with her great leadership and communications skills, she inspired all who worked with her. She also gave Councillors frank and fearless advice, something that I personally found refreshing and honourable.

“Ms Connolly’s departure was unnecessary and without notice. The whole episode shows how dysfunctional Mike Baird’s amalgamation agenda is. The fact that our City’s chosen General Manager will not be leading, what we assume to be a newly merged entity, makes no sense and will severely disadvantage our community.”

Ms Connolly’s extensive knowledge of NSW legislation, planning, environment, transport and infrastructure led to the implementation and completion of a number of complex, high-profile projects.   These include the Joint Regional Authority and Merger Submission and Inquiry to the State Government, Design our Ryde Civic Hub international design competition, implementation of Special Rate Variation and the relocation of administration staff to new offices in North Ryde. 

“On behalf of the Councillors, staff and community, we extend our good wishes to Ms Connolly in her future endeavours,” the Mayor added.

Ms Connolly was appointed to the newly formed Georges River Council (formerly Hurstville and Kogarah Councils) as Interim General Manager as part of the Government’s proclamations.

City of Ryde’s Acting Director Corporate and Community Services, Roy Newsome, has been appointed Acting General Manager.

Last updated on 23 May 2016