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Council meeting summary - June 2020 meeting

Published on 16 July 2020

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 23 June 2020 and 2 July 2020. The meeting did commence, however, was later adjourned due to a lack of quorum. As a result the meeting will be reconvened at the conclusion of the Ordinary meeting on 28 July 2020. 

Here is an interim summary of the outcomes from the June meeting:

Council invests in Ryde’s recovery

The City of Ryde adopted its 2020-2024 Four Year Delivery Program, including the 2020/2021 One Year Operational Plan. 

These documents outline a range of key infrastructure projects Council will undertake over the next four years in line with the Community Strategic Plan. In addition, Council will also introduce a range of rates-related financial hardship provisions to assist members of the community through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Click here for more information. 

Council provides financial relief for sporting clubs

Council will waive ground hire and sports field lighting costs upon application for the remainder of the 2020 winter sports season to help local sporting clubs recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition, Council also resolved to extend the 2020 winter sports season to mid-October and to activate the lighting at some sports grounds to allow for weekday night games where permissible. 

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Fees waived

A number of Council fees have been waived for events that were due to be held between 1 April and 30 June as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This includes cancellation fees for swim schools and swimming carnivals, as well as sporting fields and park hire. Some library fines have also been waived, as well as the notice period for cancelling the planned hire of a Council venue. 

Reconciliation Action Plan

The City of Ryde Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was endorsed by Council. The plan outlines the steps Council will undertake to promote reconciliation within the community. 

As part of the process, a new Reconciliation Action Working Group will be established. Council will strive to appoint at least 50 percent indigenous community membership on the working group. 

The City of Ryde Reflect RAP will now be forwarded to Reconciliation Australia for final endorsement. 

Support for RFNSW

In recognising the incredible contribution of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) and all emergency services during the 2019/20 bushfire crisis, Council resolved to engage with the NSWRFS and other NSW Government representatives to signal interest in supporting any additional station facility within the City of Ryde. 

Out of Area library membership fee

A new Out of Area Membership fee of $120 per annum has been proposed for Hunters Hill residents to join the Ryde Library Service. The new fee has been proposed after Hunter’s Hill Council ended its shared service agreement with the City of Ryde.

The proposal is currently on public exhibition until 2 August 2020.  

Councillor fees 

The City of Ryde will facilitate a mechanism for councillors to voluntarily donate some or all of their councillor fees either back to Council or to a nominated registered charity. Council will also not adopt the annual fee increase for 2020/21 as determined by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal for its category with respect to the annual review of councillor and the additional mayoral fees. 

Local organisations receive community grants

More than $20,000 was allocated to 11 community organisations as part of round one of the 2020 City of Ryde Small Grants program. The program is part of Council’s Community Grants Program and is designed to respond to the changing circumstances and emerging needs of community organisations in between the larger rounds of grant allocations. 

Procurement Policy

A new procurement policy was endorsed by Council. Under the policy, Council will aim to source 50 percent of all material procurements from recycled materials with 70 percent of all service contracts to adhere to sustainable principles by 2025. 

In addition, the policy requires Council to consider the use of local suppliers to encourage economic development and generate local employment wherever possible. Where there is a like choice between two suppliers or services, Council will give preference to local business. 

Gifts and Benefits Policy 

A new Gifts and Benefits Policy was endorsed by Council. The policy continues to maintain Council’s strong position that all gifts and benefits offered should be politely refused. 

An update to the policy means it now also applies to Council contractors, volunteers and members of wholly advisory committees. 

Next meeting 

The next Ordinary Council meeting and reconvened June meeting will take place on Tuesday 28 July 2020.

Click here for the interim minutes of the June Ordinary Council meeting. 

Last updated on 16 July 2020