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Deployment of TPG small cell network within the City of Ryde

Published on 19 December 2018

Huawei, an information and communications technology infrastructure provider, is installing small cell network facilities within certain locations in the Ryde Local Government Area on behalf of TPG.

A small cell network facility is a box approximately the size of two shoeboxes and provides better bandwidth for TPG users (see Fact Sheets and FAQs for more information). TPG proposes to install the small cell network facilities on existing telegraph poles at a total of 35 locations within the Ryde LGA.  TPG has chosen these locations for their location close to the fibre networks and higher density establishments.

Under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 1997 (Determination) schedule 3, the installation of these small cell network facilities do not require development consent from Council. Click here for more information on the determination schedule.  

Council has been made aware of the community concerns regarding safety around these small cell network facilities. Council has been assured by TPG that these small cell network facilities are safe and have provided Fact Sheets and FAQs in regards to this matter.

In addition, carriers must abide with the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Industry Code (Code) and further with the requirements in the Telecommunications Act 1997 and Telecommunications Code of Practice 1997 while carrying out the installation of certain types of telecommunication facility such as low impact facility.

Click here to view a copy of The Telecommunication Code of Practice 1997 and here for a copy of the Telecommunications Act 1997

The Code also requires carriers to have written procedures for dealing with complaints about their compliance with the Code. If a complaint is not resolved, it can be referred to the The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The ACMA is responsible for ensuring facilities are installed according to the Code of Practice. Where a carrier has breached the Code of Practice, and if the ACMA is concerned that the carrier is not complying with the Mobile phone base station deployment Code, it can issue a formal direction to comply. If the carrier breaches this direction, the matter can be referred to the Federal Court, which can place financial penalties on the carrier.

Click here for more information on how to make a complaint with the ACMA.


Last updated on 20 December 2018