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Development Control Plan Part 6.5: 461-495 Victoria Rd, Gladesville Update

Published on 20 May 2015

Council has recently adopted an amendment to Ryde Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014 to include new site specific development controls for land at 461-495 Victoria Road, Gladesville. This amendment was adopted by Council together with changes to Ryde Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 applying to the subject site as a result of a planning proposal lodged by the Bunnings Group Ltd. 

The DCP part called Part 6.5 461-495 Victoria Road, Gladesville adds a new set of site specific controls. This part has been designed to support changes to Ryde LEP 2014 to rezone the land from IN2 Light Industrial to B5 Business Development and to change maximum building height controls applicable to the site. 

The new controls provide guidance for the preparation and assessment of redevelopment proposals for the subject land. The new DCP part contains:

  • Objectives and controls for setbacks to address amenity issues with respect to the transition between this site and the adjoining residential areas 
  • Controls to guide the development of a high quality built form and public domain around the site 
  • Controls to ensure the implementation of the Bunnings Gladesville Traffic and Parking Study, December 2014 as amended by City of Ryde Council resolutions 28 April 2015.

The new Part 6.5 will come into effect on the notification of associated changes to Ryde Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 known as Amendment No. 5.

A copy of the new Part 6.5 461-495 Victoria Road, Gladesville under DCP 2014 will be viewable on the City of Ryde website from the effective date.

Last updated on 27 July 2015