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Enough is Enough - City of Ryde seeks urgent exemption from Housing Code

Published on 20 April 2018

The City of Ryde will seek urgent exemptions from the State Government’s new housing code, which once implemented could result in more than 60% of the Ryde local government area developed as blocks of flats, terraces and duplexes.

The resolution was agreed to by Councillors at an Extraordinary Council Meeting last night and follows the release of the new Medium Density Housing Code by the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Anthony Roberts, earlier this month.

It is anticipated that the changes to the housing code will mean the number of sites in the City of Ryde capable of being developed for medium density housing will jump from 4,082 to an estimated 14,465. This represents approximately 62.5% of all land in the City of Ryde.

Of greatest concern to Council is the introduction of “manor houses” to the City’s low density zones. These are essentially a block of four flats that, from 6 July, will be able to be built on lots with a 15m frontage and a land area of only 600sqm. The City of Ryde estimates that 10,383 lots will be able to be developed into a block of flats using the code. 

This could result in 41,532 new dwellings and more than 80,000 additional residents in the City of Ryde.

In addition, it allows the approval of medium density housing to be fast-tracked through the State Government’s complying development approval pathway by a Council or accredited certifier rather than follow the standard development application process which the City of Ryde currently requires. Unlike thecomplying deve lopment approval pathway, the standard development application process includes consultation with local residents.

City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale, said the City of Ryde had already bore the brunt of Sydney Metropolitan housing targets following the State Government’s decision to rezone commercial space into residential to allow for an influx of high density housing.

“Now the character of our suburbs – the same ones we have fought so hard to protect – is under threat. Enough is enough,” Clr Laxale said.

“Unless the Minister reverses these changes, there will be bulldozers in every street in Ryde.

“Real estate agents are already licking their lips and are offering homes directly to developers. As of 6 July, blocks of flats will be able to be built in our quietest streets adding more and more residents to our already congested roads and over-crowded schools. 

“There are two people in NSW who can stop this - the Member for Ryde, the Hon. Victor Dominello, and the Planning Minister, the Hon. Anthony Roberts. I am now seeking an urgent meeting with these two to seek an exemption to the new housing code and request that Council’s own local planning controls prevail over State Government policy.

“I’ll also be asking Mr Dominello why he supported these extreme changes and why did Lane Cove Council get an exemption from manor house when the City of Ryde did not.”

Table 1 – Potential Development Sites 

Note: all figures are rounded approximations only

  Ryde LEP 2014 – R2 Zone Codes SEPP – R2 Zone

Potential number of allotments capable of dual occupancy development

4,082 14,465
Potential number of allotments capable of multi dwelling housing developments 1119 (also capable of being developed for dual occupancy)

(now includes terrace housing and these sites are also capable of being developed for dual occupancy and manor houses) 

Potential number of allotments capable manor house developments

0 - Not permitted

10,383 (also capable of being developed for dual occupancy)

Total number of sites capable of medium density housing development

4,082 14,465
Table 2 – Development Standards
Development Standard Ryde LEP 2014/Ryde DCP 2014 Codes SEPP 
Dual Occupancy

Attached only
Min area – 580sqm
Min road frontage – 20m 

May be detached or may be one above another

Min area – 580sqm

Min frontage – 12m at the building line or 15m at the building where one dwelling is above another.

Multi dwelling housing (terraces)

Not permitted
Controls for Multi-dwelling housing - Villas

Min area – 900sqm

Min road frontage – 20m 

Min area – 900sqm
Min frontage – 18m at the building line

Manor houses (three or four dwellings on one lot strata subdivision permitted)

Not permitted

Min area – 600sqm
Min width – 15m at the building line


Last updated on 20 April 2018