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Essential Stormwater Drainage System Improvement - Shepherds Bay

Published on 23 January 2018

Development Applications Background

The NSW Planning and Assessment Commission on 6 March 2013 approved a concept for a multi-stage development including a number of sites bordered by Bowden St, Constitution Road, Hamilton Cr and Nancarrow Ave, Meadowbank, and a further site located on Church St, Meadowbank.

The concept approved 12 buildings and various associated infrastructure works. Amendments to the original concept were approved by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission on 16 October 2014 and 16 January 2017.

Under the concept approval, the developer is required to undertake essential drainage upgrade works in order to improve existing flooding problems in Shepherds Bay catchment from Ann Thorn Park to Parramatta River. The works include installation of drainage culverts under Constitution Rd to ensure the structural integrity of the road.

In addition, the Roads and Maritime Services also required that upgrades to the Constitution Rd and Bowden St intersection and the Railway Rd crossing at Meadowbank Station be undertaken when warranted by the increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic for those locations.

In 2015, the City of Ryde received two Development Applications (DAs) from Holdmark Pty Ltd for Stages 6-7 and Stages 8-9 of this development which were subsequently approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel in December that year.

January 2018 Update

Council has now received the provision of additional information relating to the stormwater drainage upgrade works required by the concept approval, including information on undergrounding of electricity cables, vegetation along the embankment, public domain (footpaths), and traffic management.

These plans have been reviewed and approved by Council. Works to deliver these infrastructure improvements will commence in the coming months.

Essential Stormwater Drainage System Improvement 

Diona Pty Ltd has been engaged by Holdmark Property Group to design and construct the stormwater drainage system from Shepherds Bay Catchment to Parramatta River to improve on the existing flooding issues in the area arising from storm events. These improvements form part of the Local Development Applications LDA2015/0031 and LDA2015/0032.

This project has been approved by the NSW Government Joint Regional Planning Panel.

What works will be involved?

As part of these works, Constitution Road will have detours in place to facilitate the installation of the trunk drainage and culverts under the road.

Traffic control will be in place and vehicle detours will occur via Nancarrow Ave. There will be access for local residents only.

To allow the construction of these essential works, some trees along Constitution Road will need to be removed. A detailed Arborist Report was compiled on the affected trees to ensure that no threatened species will be removed.  Any trees removed will be replaced as part of the public domain renewal in future staged works.

Construction works will not impact the pedestrian access or the playground in Ann Thorne Park.

When will the works occur?

Preliminary works involving tree removal and utilities service re-locations will commence in February with a view to completing all major works by April 2018, weather permitting.

Work will be done during the day between 7.00am – 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am – 4.00pm Saturday. 


Join us a free sausage sizzle and learn more about our work.

The project team, including the Project Manager Ian Robbins, will be on hand to discuss the work and answer your questions. City of Ryde Council representatives will also be in attendance.

Date: 4.00pm to 6.00pm, Thursday 1 February 2018, and 10.00am -12 noon, Saturday 3 February 2018

Where: Ann Thorn Park located at 35a Constitution Rd, Meadowbank

If you are unable to attend the information session and would like to know more please contact Diona on 1300 131 338. 

Last updated on 23 January 2018