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Funding for Pedestrian Safety Lights Sought from State Government

Published on 15 December 2017

City of Ryde Council will seek a meeting with the Member for Ryde, The Hon Victor Dominello, and representatives of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), to gain support and funding for the installation for two sets of signalised pedestrian lights at Eastwood Plaza as well as other ideas for traffic and pedestrian improvements in Eastwood. 

City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale, said:  “The RMS is the approving authority for all signalised pedestrian crossings and Council has supported the provision of pedestrian lights at Eastwood Plaza for over eight years, but to date the State Government and the RMS have not made this possible.” 

None of the eleven existing pedestrian crossings in Eastwood Town Centre meet the RMS’s strict criteria for signalised pedestrian crossings, even when significant growth in the area is taken into account. 

“Pedestrian safety in Eastwood is now an urgent matter and I look forward to sitting down with the local member for Ryde and members of the RMS to discuss how Council and the State can work together to get action on this important community safety project. To date, without their support we have been unable to break through bureaucratic red tape. With the support of the Council, I am hopeful they will listen and we will get their support for this and other traffic improvement measures in Eastwood,” the Mayor said.

The matter of replacing existing pedestrian crossings in Eastwood was tabled at the Ryde Traffic Committee (RTC) meeting in March 2009. Subsequent traffic and pedestrian surveys were tabled at the RTC meeting of June 2017, but no further action could be taken by Council to convert the existing pedestrian crossings as RMS warrants were not met. If signals are to be installed, a network-wide modelling is necessary to take into account trip generation from future land use, co-ordinating new and existing traffic signal sites, and ensure pedestrian/vehicular interactions are equitable.

Funding through the $25million Transport Access Plan Grant and another State Government sources will be sought for the installation of the pedestrian lights to be located at both ends of Eastwood Plaza, at the intersections of Rowe Street and West Parade, and at Rowe Street and The Avenue.  


Last updated on 17 December 2017