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Have your say on social wellbeing and creativity in our City

Published on 06 March 2019

We know that social wellbeing, creativity and the arts is important to many of our community, which is why City of Ryde is seeking input to help develop a Social Plan and Creativity Strategy. We want to hear what's working, what's not, and how we can improve things. These two pieces of work will help shape Council's planning for social wellbeing, culture and creativity.  The goal is to plan for consistent, coordinated and effective services, infrastructure and programs that make sense for our whole community.

They will both be aligned to other Council plans and strategies, as well as to State and Federal policy. Both plans will identify the strengths of the City of Ryde, challenges we face and opportunities for the future.

Why a Social Plan?

As part of the Social Plan, we are looking at topics that will contribute to the social wellbeing of the Ryde community.  These topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Community safety
  • Community connections
  • Digital inclusion
  • Access to community services.

The Social Plan will provide a framework to monitor and evaluate community and social wellbeing and the result of Council's efforts to improve wellbeing over time.

Why a Creativity Strategy?

This strategy will identify a range of initiatives that will help grow cultural and creative life in our City. We will first look at our existing cultural assets, which include everything from cultural industries to cultural occupations, community organisations, cultural facilities and spaces, natural heritage, cultural heritage, events and festivals, places of worship, education (including libraries) and intangible culture. This will help us to identify areas for improvement in future.


As part of our extensive community consultation on the Social Plan and Creativity Strategy, Council is running a series of workshops. Some have been targeted at specific groups including:

  • Council advisory committees
  • Faith leaders
  • Community and social service providers
  • Independent artists and creative Industries.

We will also be running some general community workshops, a multicultural workshop and a workshop with key school staff.


A workshop participant shares her views from the floor

The workshops are all very interactive and include lots of activities. We do an exercise where, in small groups, using post it notes and big maps, participants identify what the City of Ryde’s assets for social wellbeing and arts and culture are (eg facilities, services, community groups, open space, activities and events). As part of this exercise we also map what is missing or would be beneficial to the community.


Workshop participants identify existing social wellbeing, arts and cultural assets

We discuss strengths and challenges as well as an aspirational activity whereby participants develop a cover story headline for Ryde in five years’ time. Workshop participants have described the experience as "enlightening" and "rather inspiring". 


Social wellbeing, arts and cultural assets in focus

How to Have Your Say

There is still time to have your say and help shape how Council will contribute to social wellbeing and arts and creativity in our City. You can do so by:

Attending our future workshops

Council is running two community workshops on Thursday 7 March and a multicultural community workshop on Wednesday 13 March.

Visiting our website

Visit our Have Your Say page, which includes surveys (see below) and an interactive social pinpoint mapping tool.

Completing the surveys

Complete one of our surveys online:

Participating in face-to-face interviews 

Come along to one of our interview sessions, held by our consultants on the following dates:

Location Wednesday 20 March Thursday 21 March Friday 22 March Saturday 23 March Monday 25 March
Eastwood Mall    10.00am-12.00pm      
West Ryde Plaza   12.30pm-2.30pm      
Trim Place, Gladesville     9.00am-1.00pm     
Macquarie University  10.00am-2.00pm        
Macquarie Train Station         7.00am-11.00am
Top Ryde Plaza       9.30am-1.30pm  


Last updated on 3 April 2019