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Interim Heritage Order No.7 and No.8 - 68 and 70 Chatham Road, Denistone

Published on 12 November 2019

The City of Ryde on 26 February 2019 resolved to apply Interim Heritage Orders to the properties known as 68 and 70 Chatham Road, Denistone, as they are subject of a Local Development Application that seeks multi-dwelling housing comprising four Dwellings and Strata Sub-division.

The LDA was available for community comment between 16 January 2019 and 6 February 2019. Council received submissions during the notification period, raising concerns over the potential heritage significance of the property.

On consideration of a preliminary heritage assessment of the subject land by a person with appropriate heritage knowledge, skills and experience and who was retained by the Council, it was concluded that the subject houses make a strong contribution to the character and potential significance of the area. As a result their demolition has been prevented pending further heritage assessment.

Given that the properties may have local heritage significance and are under imminent threat of harm through demolition, it was prudent that Council resolved to follow the necessary process to impose Interim Heritage Orders over the properties.

Interim Heritage Orders

View the Interim Heritage Orders

The Interim Heritage Orders are also available for public inspection at the City of Ryde Customer Service Centre, 1 Pope Street, Ryde, and North Ryde Office, Level 1, Building 0, Binary Centre, 3 Richardson Place, North Ryde, during normal office hours (8.30am - 4.30pm).

What is an Interim Heritage Order?

An Interim Heritage Order is a temporary heritage protection measure against the demolition of a potential heritage item. It also provides Council with the time to further assess the heritage significance of a potential item and take the appropriate steps to list the item if warranted. 

The legal effect of an Interim Heritage Order made by a local Council is that approval is required for any development for the life of the order and demolition is prohibited during that period.

One of the key requirements for imposing an Interim Heritage Order over a property is that Council must consider that the subject property is being or is likely to be harmed. In this case, the lodgement of the Development Application foreshadowing the demolition of the property, constitutes a threat of harm.

Next steps

Council will commission a qualified heritage specialist to undertake an independent assessment to establish the cultural heritage significance of 68 and 70 Chatham Road, Denistone.

If the assessment confirms that the properties have local heritage significance, Council will then commence the preparation of a Planning Proposal to include 68 and 70 Chatham Road, Denistone, within Schedule 5 – Environmental Heritage of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014. The Planning Proposal will be prepared under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, and will include community consultation.

At that stage, members of the community will have opportunity to review and comment on the Planning Proposal and the proposed heritage listing.

Last updated on 12 November 2019