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Medium Density Housing Code deferred until 2020

Published on 29 November 2018

The NSW Government will defer the implementation of the new Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code in the City of Ryde for an additional 12 months, which means the new code will now not be implemented until 1 July 2020.

The decision by the NSW Government comes after the City of Ryde launched the ‘Save Our Streets’ campaign which lobbied against the changes brought about by the new code and the impacts on the local community and existing infrastructure.

Following the campaign and wider concern among other communities in Sydney and across the state, the NSW Government deferred the implementation of the new code for 50 Councils in NSW – including the City of Ryde – until 1 July 2019.

The latest deferral until 1 July 2020 that has been implemented by the NSW Government only applies to the City of Ryde.

The new code was initially slated to be introduced in the City of Ryde on 6 July this year and would have meant the number of sites in the City of Ryde capable of being developed for medium density housing would increase substantially.  

Under the code, medium density housing such as “manor homes” (essentially two storey residential flat buildings comprising three to four dwellings) and attached dual occupancies with reduced frontage could be built in the City of Ryde’s low density zones.

The developments are also able to be approved by private certifiers under the new code, meaning minimal neighbour notification is required with no requirement for objections to be considered.

The NSW Government’s decision to defer the implementation of the new code even further, means Council has ample time to develop its new Local Housing Strategy. As part of this, Council will comprehensively engage with the community to establish where different types of residential development can be supported by local infrastructure for the development of the new Local Environment Plan.


Last updated on 30 November 2018