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Mosquito helicopter treatment at Newington Nature Reserve Wetland

Published on 30 October 2019

Council wishes to advise that helicopter application of Bti is planned to take place at Newington Nature Reserve Wetland on Thursday 31 October 2019, to control mosquito larval populations. Spraying is scheduled to occur between 7.30am and 10.00am, however, weather conditions or operational matters could cause it to be delayed until later in the day.

Treatment of the wetlands involves the application of a biological mosquito larvicide known as Bti. It is a nature-based product and impacts the target species of mosquito at a specific stage of larval development. The larvicide is known to be safe to people, pets and the environment, and treatments are monitored by the University of Sydney's Department of Medical Entomology. 

Advisory signage providing notification of spraying and the product used, will be placed on the River Walk and other pathways surrounding the treatment area in accordance with SOPA’s Pesticide Use & Notification Plan. 

Residents are reminded about the measures they can take to minimise the harm and discomfort caused by mosquitos. These include:

  • Eliminating any sources of standing water around the home to control container breeding mosquitos
  • Limiting outdoor activities at dawn and dusk where possible
  • Covering-up and applying insect repellent to all exposed skin when outdoors
  • Ensuring that all windows and doors are fitted with insect screens
  • Using insecticidal sprays to control mosquitos indoors.

Residents are also advised that the most effective repellents for mosquitos are those containing DEET.

The main breeding site for salt marsh mosquitos in this area is the wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park.

We encourage residents to contact Council on 9952 8222 to report additional mosquito breeding sites.

For more information visit our Mosquitos page.


Last updated on 30 October 2019