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On air with a local volunteer

Published on 14 October 2019

We dropped by local radio station 2RRR to hear from volunteering legend Tasnia Ahmad. Tasnia was our 2019 Young Citizen of the Year winner and sits on Ryde Youth Council

How did you get into volunteering?

I started with lots of little activities at school. I have so many ideas and passions and it was a matter of funneling them into something worthwhile. I have found volunteering a very valuable journey and have become more interconnected and happy overall.


On the steps of parliament

What kind of volunteering do you do?

I've been volunteering at 2RRR radio station for more a year as a host for the Youth Jukebox program, where I come up with story ideas and music for the program. I am really passionate about the media and radio's a great platform for promoting current, youth-related stories and to highlight and advocate for things that matter to young people.

I have volunteered at the Granny Smith Festival and I also sit on Ryde Youth Council, which is a representative voice for young people in the City of Ryde, and I volunteer at Youth Of Sydney, which is a photojournal project that aims to debunk myths and stereotypes about today's youth. 


Getting ready to go on air at 2RRR

What do you love about volunteering?

I like the giving-back aspect of volunteering. I feel like I can make a tangible difference in the community through my volunteering work, and it's a great feeling to have all these people working together to do this.


At the 2019 Ryde Citizen of the Year Awards

Why do you think people should nominate local heroes for the Ryde Citizen of the Year or Young Citizen of the Year awards?

It's important to recognise people's accomplishments - It's about saying, 'hey, we see you and what you've achieved', and with this recognition, there is an exchange of inspiration and congratulations from the community. Such recognition inspires and furthers the value of connection and volunteering in the community. More so, in a time of global disrupt amidst our 21st century challenges, we often overlook the value of people in our micro worlds yet these are the people that change lives everyday; be it in a local dog shelter, connecting with elderly people, providing opportunities to young people, and more! To really celebrate these leaders and give them the recognition they deserve, consider nominating your everyday heroes for the Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year awards.

Interested in volunteering in the City of Ryde? Check out our volunteering page

Know a local volunteering hero? Nominations for the 2020 Volunteer Recognition Awards open on Monday 2 March and close on Sunday 19 April 2020.

Last updated on 13 February 2020