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Statement regarding inaccurate reporting in the Australian Financial Review

Published on 13 November 2019

At its Extraordinary Council meeting held last night, the City of Ryde noted multiple factual errors in recent media reporting on the Sydney North Planning Panel’s approval of the Eastwood Shopping Centre development application on 7 August 2019. The majority of the errors were published in the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

The manner of reporting suggests that Council determined the development application for the Eastwood Shopping Centre development. However, the proposed development was a matter considered and determined by the Sydney North Planning Panel. Council is not the consent authority with regard to that development application.

Councillors serving on Council have been unable to vote on major development applications (including this development) since 2009. Further, Councillors in Council have not been able to vote on any development application in the Ryde Local Government Area since March 2018.

Despite repeated attempts by Council to have the records corrected, certain media outlets have continued to print known factual errors. As such, Council last night voted to delegate the General Manager authority to undertake any action, including legal measures, to correct false reports.

The General Manager will also report organisations that fail to correct and retract fundamental errors to the Australian Press Council (APC). The APC handles complaints regarding alleged breaches of its Standards of Practice by Australian publishers.

The Council strongly supports open and fair media. However, it will not stand for repeated and known inaccuracies, which impact the reputation of the Council and its staff, to remain uncorrected.


Last updated on 13 November 2019