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Venue moved for Council meeting on 26 November

Published on 21 November 2019

The City of Ryde advises that the upcoming Council meeting scheduled for 7.00pm on Tuesday 26 November will now be held at Ryde Civic Hall to provide more capacity for the general public.

The decision to relocate the meeting from the Council Chambers to the Ryde Civic Hall was made due to increased interest from members of the public wanting to attend recent Council meetings.

The unprecedented level of interest meant it was not logistically possible to accommodate all members of the public safely at the Extraordinary Council meeting that was held on 12 November.

With similar numbers expected at the upcoming Council meeting, Council has made the necessary arrangements to relocate the meeting to the Ryde Civic Hall to ensure all members of the public who wish to attend, can do so.

The meeting on Tuesday 26 November will be webcast as is required under the City of Ryde Code of Meeting Practice and by the NSW Office of Local Government.

Council staff will be located at Pope Street to assist people who may not be aware of the changes and direct them across the road to the Ryde Civic Hall.

The Ryde Civic Hall is located at 1 Devlin St, Ryde.

A new agenda has been prepared to reflect the venue change and is available here. The City of Ryde is planning to hold the December Council meeting at the Ryde Civic Hall as well.

The adjourned October Council meeting is still scheduled for 5pm on Tuesday 26 November at the Council Chambers, Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Ryde.


Last updated on 21 November 2019