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Best Value Review

Council’s organisational review conducted by the General Manager in April 2005 identified the need for the introduction of a program of Best Value Reviews. 

Best Value principles are designed to ensure that local services are a reflection of local community needs and expectations, both in terms of quality and cost. 

Best Value means:

  • Providing local people what they want, when they want it, at a price they are willing and able to pay.
  • Being imaginative in how local needs are met.

Councils do much more than provide services. They regulate, encourage and fund others, and work in a wide array of partnerships. Best Value should be seen as part of what should be done in everyday jobs, all the time.

Key Components

There are 4 key components to Best Value:

  • Challenge - asking why we provide this service and whether it is necessary.
  • Consultation - talking to users, suppliers and others to find out what they want the service to do for them.
  • Competition - questioning whether other organisations could provide the service more efficiently and effectively.
  • Comparison - looking at other local authorities or businesses that provide the service better than we do and seeing if we can follow their example.

Review Framework

Council has developed a framework for Best Value Review. The stages are: 

Stage 1 - Review and Improve (Challenge) 
Identify and review each of our services to challenge and improve service delivery by assessing the relevant needs of our community and internal customers to ensure they are cost effective, provide good value for money and are of a high standard.

Stage 2 - Measure Satisfaction and Performance (Consult) 
Regularly measure internal and external customer satisfaction of our services and develop service standards.

Stage 3 - Benchmark and Learn (Competition and Compare) 
Compare and learn from organisations that are doing it better and report against our performance. Prepare service analysis.

Stage 4 - Prioritise Services and Create Innovation(Implement) 
Direct allocation of resources towards the delivery services that are a priority to our community and create a continuous improvement and innovative culture. 
Develop continuous improvement initiatives for service.


Each service that has undergone a Best Value Review will be required to develop an implementation plan which will outline how the recommendations will be achieved. 

Implementation of the recommendations will occur over a number of years, an annual report on implementation will be provided to Council.


  • Best Value Reviews will be reported in each Annual Report.
  • Council will receive an annual report on the progress of the Best Value Review Implementation Plans. This report, as with other Council reports is a public document.
Last updated on 3 August 2015