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Best Value Review - Sportsgrounds

The demand being placed on Council’s sporting facilities continues to increase due to sports participation and population growth. To assist with the sustainable management of these important community assets, the City of Ryde has undertaken a Best Value Review (BVR) that analyses the approaches used by Council in the provision of community level sporting facilities. The Review compares Council’s current approaches with industry best practice and then makes recommendations for Council to achieve standards in line with best practice levels and to improve the service it provides to the community. These recommendations have been informed by discussion with the various clubs and user groups that utilise Council’s facilities.

What is the Best Value Review Sportsground Management and Allocation?

The purpose of the BVR was to engage and consult with local users, external stakeholders and staff to:

  • Determine if Council is meeting the community’s expectations in the management and allocation of sportsgrounds
  • Define what is considered to be a ‘basic standard’ of facility provision
  • Confirm Council’s ability to resource this standard and the community expectations
  • Identify opportunities to raise the standard
  • Provide direction to Council on policy and procedure to support consistent management and allocation practices

As a part of the Review the following areas were examined:

  • What sportsground services Council offers?
  • Who is responsible for the management of these? 
  • How does Council deliver these sportsground services? 
  • How does Council respond to the needs of the community and sporting associations and organisations? 
  • What elements of Council’s sporting facilities allocation and management can be improved and how? 
  • Does Council charge suitable fees for the use of sporting facilities? 
  • How can Council work with the community to encourage and recognise contributions to the capital infrastructure upgrades by sporting organisations?

The Review provides a suite of recommendations on how Council can improve efficiencies and the service it provides to the Community in the management provision and administration of recreation services.

When was the Best Value Review Sportsground Management and Allocation undertaken?

The Open Space Team in partnership with @Leisure completed the Best Value Review. The Review commenced in June 2011 and was presented to Council at the Council Meeting 28 February 2012.

Over the 8 months of the project staff and @Leisure have worked closely with internal stakeholders and user groups to obtain an understanding of their needs and concerns about the allocation and management of sportsgrounds. This has included:

  • internal staff workshops and interviews
  • presentations and workshops with the project Challenge Committee
  • process mapping
  • telephone interviews with key users groups
  • an online survey of user groups
  • benchmarking of other Councils as nominated in the brief and by the Challenge Committee
  • attendance at the preseason Associations forum
  • an assessment of the carrying capacity of key sports reserves
  • presentation and workshops at the Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Councillor workshop

View the Best Value Review Sportsground Management and Allocation

The development of the BVR was a staged process that resulted in the production of four key volumes:

Last updated on 3 August 2015