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Major Achievements

Achievement highlights

Watch the video below to see some key achievements from the 2018/19 financial year or open the tabs to see more information about key achievements.

Big statements

Development of our Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

Aerial shot of City

Aerial view of the City of Ryde

All councils in NSW are required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) to guide land use planning within the local area over the next 20 years. The LSPS brings into effect the Greater Sydney Commission’s Metropolitan and Region plans by implementing their directions at the local level. However, it also identifies the special characteristics that contribute to local identity, the shared community values that need to be maintained and enhanced across the life of the plan and how growth and change will be managed into the future.

The LSPS is a high-level strategic land use planning document that translates the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) to land use and planning priorities and sets the direction for the Local Environment Plan (LEP) and other Council Planning Instruments.

The City of Ryde’s draft LSPS was developed during the year and contains a number of key ideas and actions including an overall structure for future open space, transport linkages and environmentally sensitive lands. It sets the scene for amendments to our LEP and includes a range of options to meet diverse housing needs, supports different housing character areas by ensuring high density housing is co-located with transport nodes, and identifies opportunities for appropriate medium density development.

This strategy proposes a linear park along Waterloo Road to improve the amenity in this area, and recommends the revitalisation of West Ryde to build a unique identity based on the area’s heritage and strong community interest in well maintained open spaces, and more movement choices, such as active transport and general accessibility rather than the need for more car infrastructure.

In addition, the LSPS identifies a number of key studies required to build a stronger evidence base for future planning. These include a developer contributions plan, housing strategy, resilience plan, active transport strategy, economic development plan, heritage study and creative enterprise strategy. 

Public comment on the LSPS will be invited from July 2019.

Read about the LSPS

Big wins

Winning accolades for Meadowbank skate and scooter park

Skate boarding at the new Meadowbank Skate Park

Meadowbank Skate Park

The Meadowbank Park Outdoor Youth and Family Recreation Space opened to rave reviews from the local community. The new facility features a range of components that cater for people of all ages and skill levels.

Key features of the new scooter and skate park include:

  • a three-metre deep Olympic-standard competition bowl and a dual spine flow bowl
  • obstacles such as a euro gap, kickers, rails, kerb banks, and a streetscape skate park area
  • beginners’ asphalt track
  • barbecues
  • a climbing wall
  • water refill station
  • landscaping and controlled lighting
  • playground equipment
  • a climbing net tunnel
  • a parkour and bouldering area
  • a table-tennis court.

The area is monitored by CCTV and is lit until 8.00pm from Monday to Saturday, and until 7.00pm on Sunday.

The completion of the new skate and scooter park has significantly increased the outdoor recreational spaces available to the community.

The facility was also a finalist at the Parks and Leisure Australia NSW/ACT Awards of Excellence. The award recognises playspaces that involve a range of stakeholders, create a ‘sense of place’ for their local communities and aid childhood development.

See Project DetailsRead Park Info

Meadowbank Skate Park Opening Ceremony VIDEO

Watch the video below to see what happened at the Meadowbank Skate Park opening ceremony.

Big spaces

Transforming Wilga Park

Doing Yoga at Wilga Park

Wilga Park mandala

Wilga Park has been transformed into a dynamic outdoor space with recently completed upgrades providing a place for people to relax and connect with nature.

The upgrades were made as part of the Shrimptons Creek Activation project, which is connecting parkland and open space along the Shrimptons Creek Corridor and creating diverse public recreation spaces.

The upgrades included:

  • Amphitheatre terracing
  • A new amenities building
  • Improved path lighting
  • New access paths
  • Entries to the park that provide a direct connection to Quandong Reserve
  • A picnic area
  • Landscaped boundary and public artworks.

The amphitheatre terracing and new lighting will enable the venue to host night-time events, which will play a part in boosting the area's night-time economy and provide the community with more 'after 5' activities to enjoy.

See Project Details Read Park Info

Big concepts

Building The New Heart of Ryde

Ryde Central concept image

Concept for The New Heart of Ryde

In May 2019, Council resolved to commence community consultation with the masterplan concept for the exciting redevelopment of the Ryde Civic Centre site.

Known as ‘The New Heart of Ryde’, the proposal offers a bold new vision for a redeveloped Ryde Civic Centre site.

Crucially, The New Heart of Ryde will resolve the chronic shortage of community space that the City of Ryde currently faces by delivering a four-fold increase in community facilities without the introduction of any residential development on the site.

It will also activate the current site by housing public meeting rooms, offices, childcare facilities, commercial and retail facilities, a plaza and open space, on-site parking and Council chambers. It will also be home to a dedicated, flexibly designed cultural and community space.

The City of Ryde has committed to completing The New Heart of Ryde without increasing rates or reducing services for this project, while also retaining complete public ownership of the site.

Extensive formal consultation on The New Heart of Ryde commenced on 24 June 2019, where the City of Ryde will undertake a wide range of communication activities during the formal consultation period including a community roadshow and displays at local shopping centres. with initial feedback to the formal consultation overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal.

The community will be able to provide their feedback on The New Heart of Ryde up until 25 August 2019 through an online survey or by completing a submission.

Initial feedback on the formal consultation has been overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal.

All feedback received during the formal consultation will help shape the final design and tender report that is due to be

submitted to Council in March 2020.

The New Heart of Ryde video

Watch the below video with Mayor Clr Jerome Laxale to hear what the community thinks of The New Heart of Ryde proposal.

See Project Details

Big enhancements

Enhancing our recreation space

Morrison Bay with seawall and water

Morrison Bay seawall

A new seawall at Morrison Bay Park in Putney was unveiled in September 2018 and highlights efforts by Council to protect and enhance the Parramatta River foreshore.

The eye-catching seawall was constructed with sandstone blocks to preserve the natural character of the foreshore.

To complement the seawall, improvements were made at Morrison Bay, including upgrading the existing path to a new concrete shared-path for pedestrians and cyclists, installing scenic viewing and new seating areas along the path and planting saltmarsh grasses and making improvements to the stormwater drainage system.

New lighting and pathways were added at ELS Hall Park and Morrison Bay Park, making it easier for the community to access and enjoy these spaces more often.

Known as ‘Ryde’s Barangaroo’, the seawall serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Morrison Bay Seawall video

Watch the below video with Mayor Clr Jerome Laxale to find out more about the seawall project.

See Project Details



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